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Great movie
27 December 2003
A worthy conclusion to the greatest trilogy of movies ever made. I mean, how many times does the third movie live up to the first two? Superman III? Return of the Jedi? Godfather III? I might be willing to grant Police Academy III... anyway - great movie!
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Lathe of Heaven (2002 TV Movie)
Dr. Haber up to his old tricks?
12 September 2002
Ok, how about this idea? Maybe Dr. Haber saw the PBS version of "Lathe of Heaven" from 1980 and didn't like it, SO he used his brainscan device to force George to dream and alter history. As a result we got the A&E version of "Lathe of Heaven." Curse that Dr. Haber! When will he learn that you cannot remake history? No matter your intentions, if you try to make a politically correct, dumbed-down, Hallmark channel version there can be unintended consequences.. like it may suck. Just a theory. Two stars - one for James Caan and one for Ursula.
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18 April 2001
Bad science, bad pacing. A waste of a lot of talent and money. Very disappointing. Given the cost of this movie and the hype surrounding it (with the competition with Red Planet) I expected a lot less. Dollar for dollar, De Palma's worst movie yet.
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Babylon 5: The Gathering (1993 TV Movie)
Weak intro to great series.
28 October 1998
While I count myself as a fan of the Babylon 5 television series, the original movie that introduced the series was a weak start. Although many of the elements that would later mature and become much more compelling in the series are there, the pace of The Gathering is slow, the makeup somewhat inadequate, and the plot confusing. Worse, the characterization in the premiere episode is poor. Although the ratings chart shows that many fans are willing to overlook these problems, I remember The Gathering almost turned me off off what soon grew into a spectacular series.
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My favourite movie
28 October 1998
Star Wars is a movie that has had great social impact, a fact that has often gone unnoticed. A harbinger of a changing mood within the United States, Star Wars was one of the few movies rated General that was released in 1977. Where movies had for a decade been depicting ever more dark topics (Taxi Driver, The Exorcist) Star Wars was a lighthearted adventure. While some may decry the move back to swashbuckling from social comment, I for one celebrate the fact that Star Wars made it possible for families to go to movies together once again.
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