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Jesus with a rifle - one of my all time favourites, 24 February 2002

Burt Lancaster is always great, but this is one of my favourites. Lancaster as Valdez can best be described as Jesus with a rifle. He kills the bandits only because they continue to refuse his small request for an Indian woman who has lost her husband (I think he is killed by the bandits).

Great, spiritually moving, film.

Les Miserables (1978) (TV)
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On par with the novel - my highest praise, 24 February 2002

Les Miserables is one of the greatest novels ever written. As many of you will agree, it is very rare for a movie to approach a novel in quality. This is one of the exceptions. There are many versions of this film - if you have to choose one, choose this one. Fantastic acting. Perkins is exceptional as Javert, and Richard Jordan has never given a greater performance as Jean Valjean. Watch this film - you will thank yourself for it.