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A 90 minute ad for the distributor., 21 October 1999

Absolutely no redeeming qualities here with clip after clip of gratuitous violence, gore, breasts and buckets of blood. Each clip is identified on screen and, wonder of wonders, all of the titles appearing in "Terror on Tape" are (were) available from the very company that produced all of the films featured in "Terror on Tape"! Go figure!

Anyway, it's essentially a 90 minute ad no doubt inspired by the success of "Terror in the Aisles" which had been released in theaters earlier the same year.

A rental for gore lovers only but good luck finding a copy. I saw this way back in 1984 and haven't seen it anywhere since -- which isn't a bad thing, really.

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Genuinely spooky TV movie, 21 October 1999

ABC made a bunch of supernatural made for television movies in the 1970's and this one is, by far, the best of the bunch.

What makes this film so spooky is that at no time do we ever feel comfortable in the house. Not in the dark, not in the middle of the day, not even when the house is filled with guests (and don't even THINK about taking a shower). There's no comfort zone as with most supernatural thrillers or horror films. Waiting for the light of day just gives one a false sense of security.

Spooky, spooky stuff. Let's hope this one makes it to video. I, for one, will buy a copy.

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Fun to watch because it doesn't take itself too seriously..., 15 October 1999

Unlike the "Conan" movies of the 1980's which were MEANT to be taken seriously at every turn and were UNINTENTIONALLY funny, "Kull" never attempts to be more than what it is: an action film with a healthy dose of humor, nice effects and nicely choreographed action sequences.

This isn't "King Lear" and it isn't meant to be. Just sit back and have some fun.

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Hopelessly dated tale of love and marriage in the 1980's., 14 October 1999

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Slow moving, cliched story of a man played by Tim Matheson who beds almost every woman he meets until the woman of his dreams (Kate Capshaw) enters his life. Eventually they marry but can he remain faithful to her? Of course he can't. She responds by sleeping with an old friend, he makes a tearful plea on his kiddie show and, well, there you go.

The problem is you just don't care. He's childish, self centered and annoying. She is immature and, face it, pretty damned stupid to have gotten involved with and then marrying the guy.

"A Little Sex" is now hopelessly dated, produced at a time when casual sex was still considered fun, liberating and relatively safe. How times have changed.

The Runner (1999)
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Gambling has never looked less glamorous., 6 October 1999

Unsettling story of a loser addicted to gambling who is hired as a runner by a sadistic man well aware that his new hire will never be able to follow a single rule: no gambling.

Ron Eldard does a wonderful job as Edward Carrington, making his character believable, sympathetic and infuriating all in a single breath. You root for the guy when he pulls himself out of a hole he's dug for himself and then feel like taking him aside and beating the crap out of him when he digs himself right back in. Never have I felt so helpless and uncomfortable watching a character's life fall to pieces on screen.

John Goodman and Courtney Cox are also very good. John Goodman's sweet guy disposition is nowhere to be found here, tucked away to allow an intimidating brute of a man to surface. Courtney Cox shines and shows the kind of range that has only been hinted at on "Friends".

Definitely worth seeing and not easily forgotten.

Vegas and gambling have never looked less glamorous.

Beautifully filmed and matched by a beautiful score., 11 April 1999

It may have its faults but it is, by far, one of the most romantic movies you'll ever see. John Barry's beautiful score captures the sense of love and loss perfectly.

If you hate love stories, this movie won't win you over but if you do you won't soon forget "Somewhere in Time."

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Once is enough..., 11 April 1999

Dull, predictable lifeless story about a widower who gets a second chance at love with an old college flame after a chance meeting. Good thing his wife died, huh?

Joseph Brooks probably figured "You Light Up My Life" packed 'em in to theater's so why not build another film around another one of his syrupy songs? Problem is the song is even worse than "You Light Up My Life" and Joseph Brooks doesn't make for the best leading man. There's absolutely no chemistry with Shelley Hack who looks bored throughout.

You've been warned.

Love Story (1970)
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"Where do I begin?" It bites!, 11 April 1999

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love a good sappy love story (and I'm a guy) but when I rented "Love Story" I prayed for the end to come as quickly and painlessly as possible and just the opposite for Ali McGraw's character.

Ali McGraw as Jenny alienated and irritated the heck out of me within the first 15 minutes. When we learn that she has been diagnosed with a life threatening illness I couldn't help but wonder if her death would be such a terrible loss for poor Oliver or if anyone watching this film would even care. If she didn't die her grating personality would probably have pushed Oliver over the edge and eventually landed them in divorce court.

People love this movie but it's one of the worst of the 70's.

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You'll root for the shark., 10 April 1999

Lorraine Gary returns for the third (and hopefully final) sequel of the "Jaws" series that finds her getting some R&R in the Bahamas after the death of her son Sean at the hands (fins?) of yet another shark. Oh, and the shark FOLLOWS her to the fresh waters of the Bahamas, apparently holding a grudge for the last three sharks who met such grisly ends.

Jaws 3 was awful and this one is even worse. All parties involved come across badly starting with Emmy award winning director Joe Sargent and ending with actor Michael Caine (playing an Australian named Hogie - get it?) who couldn't accept his Oscar in person because he was making this turkey.

Some gorgeous scenery but otherwise none of it works. Numerous flashbacks only serve to remind the audience that "Jaws" was a great film.

Skip this movie and pick up a copy of the original.

Did people actually pay to see this thing?, 10 April 1999

A 'young' pre-med student must confront his greatest fear while pledging for a fraternity.

No plot, no sense of direction and a group of actors who look to be in their mid 30's playing 20 year old college students.

Of special note is an idiot 'master' of foreign accents, an overweight couple used as comic relief and a live snake that is stomped to death by the film's hero in one of many dull scenes.

Not worth the tape it's recorded on.

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