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Beautiful film even if you don't look for Auster's deeper meanings, 25 December 1999

Lulu on the Bridge is so beautiful and so confusing at times. The beauty comes from the great acting and also from the warmness of the ambiance between the characters. The movie is a book by Auster that is visually broadened. Sorvino and Keitel fit in gracefully to their roles and their interaction is so real and beautiful. What makes the movie so embracing is this interaction. And Auster's script is what makes this interaction and the whole mood of the movie possible.

Unfortunately people who are not accustomed to Auster's style may find the movie full of plot holes and loose ends which are actually what Auster leaves to his audience to think about and sometimes fill in by themselves, according to themselves.

Even for the 'plot holes' and ambiguities, this film is worth watching just for the acting and the mood. And if you are an Auster fan, don't ever miss this great piece.

Nice movie, but a little confusing, 13 December 1999

1st of all, I didn't know the title of this movie when I was watching it. If I had known, I probably wouldn't watch it.

This movie is about many things; it starts with the problems of Tory with her parents, then moves on to the problems of Tory's father and then to Archie's problems. So, it is a little hard to see who is the main character in the movie until towards the end. But it does a good job of portraying the problems of those different people, and people solving their problems with the help of others.

Watch it, but don't keep your expectations high.