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Heart breaking..., 11 April 1999

This is a film that took me by surprise. Impressive in its delicate sensiblity of the human emotions. This is best illustrated at Kurt Russell's outburst when one of his clocks is destroyed. Well directed and well acted. One of Russell's best acting performances. Not an action film, or anything to really rock you in your seat but a powerful human story. A+

MST3K version is worth the 90 minutes. . . but not by itself., 5 December 1998

When a film starts with clips from another film sirens should start to go off in your head. The story is over-complicated by lame sub-plots that have absolutely nothing to do with the main story and the directing, acting, sound, effects, and writing are pretty pathetic. It definitely was a great choice for MST3K but on its own it's near impossible to sit through.

Dark City (1998)
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Awe inspiring!, 5 December 1998

If the academy allowed science fiction into the Oscars (for categories other than visual effects and set design) Dark City would have a really good chance of winning motion picture of 1998. There is so much about this film that is just plain right. The first time I saw it I was (and mind you this rarely happens) on the edge of my seat by the end. The film takes a bold step in letting the audience wonder about things for the first hour. When questions are finaly answered they are both disturbing and satisfying. The film is exciting on both the visual and emotional levels. Alex Proyas could be our next Lucas, Spielberg, or Cameron.