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Old actors, young Characters., 26 August 1999

Because the show deals with quite 'emotionally draining issues' the character parts require 'mature' actors with at least some experience. Unfortunately, this doesn't quite work - the actors are blatantly older than their roles they play - making this show a bit too unbelievable.

I heard somewhere that the bloke who plays 'Dawson' has to shave every hour on set just to keep up a youthful pretence.

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I wish I could vote for this., 13 August 1999

Party of Five is great. Most comments have focused upon the superb acting and I'd agree, the acting's excellent. But a rapturous round of applause must go to the directors and producers who've made the show a pleasure to watch. Best drama on TV, I'd give it 10/10 - if it were possible to vote for tv-shows.

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Perhaps I slept through the gags., 30 July 1999

I haven't seen the first Austin Powers but if it's twice as good as the second I've saved a bit of cash. But even this can't console the empty feeling that remains after seeing this disaster of a movie.

The gags are so old that I could easily imagine Kenneth Williams or Charles Hawtrey singing half of the catch phrases (oh behave? Oh brother!). There's nothing in this movie that you haven't seen before. OK - so maybe I laughed once or twice at the beginning, but a film that relies on so few (weak) jokes, over and over, is an insult to those watching it.

It's supposed to be a parody of the bond films - but this is perhaps the vital error. Bond films, by their very nature, never take themselves seriously - parodying a parody just doesn't work!

I don't mind admitting that if it wasn't for Heather Graham's 'breathtaking performance' I could have comfortably slept through the whole thing. Please Mike Myers, change the record.

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Great stuff!, 4 July 1999

I can't recommend this series highly enough. Chat-show host 'Alan Partridge' is like nothing you've ever encountered before, and yet 'believable' - if you've not seen this, you're in for a fantastic ride!

Watch out for guests: Joe Beasley and Cheeky Monkey - as AP says "hold onto you're sides, they might just split".

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Pretty good ... for a prequel., 28 January 1999

The man with the hat is back, and certainly returns in style. The story-line, the action and the comedy far surpasses that of 'Temple of Doom' - while Sean Connery provides 'food for thought' as Indy's father (in real-life there are only 12 years between them!).

A little known fact is that 'Crusade' is in fact a prequel to 'Raiders' and 'Doom'. NB - Hitler's speech in Nuremberg took place in (1936), while 'Raiders' took place during the (1940s). 'Doom' takes place during the post-war period.

Tootsie (1982)
One of the best comedy films that I have ever seen, 27 January 1999

This is a truly superb film and certainly one of the best comedy films that I have ever seen.

The dialogue between Pollack and Hoffman is a particularly potent example of how well written 'and' acted the scenes are. While, Murray (Bill) - in one of his earliest appearances in a supporting role - provides intermittent one-liners that are pure gold.