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The Ring (2002)
Before you die, beg for a plot!
29 October 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Sorry, but this flic left me cold. The first half had some good tension and a couple of quick scares. Then it gets totally muddled.

Spoiler alert!!!

Why are theses killings happening? What happened to this girl? Why was her mother not supposed to have a child? What did Dad know & do? Where did the tape come from. And worst of all, why were the horses drowning????? Loved near the end the frantic calls to the boyfriend & the constatly ringing telephone - guess he never heard of an answering machine.

Sheesh, I saw this because a co-worker said it was scary & troubling. Biggest trouble is it doesn't make any sense!
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Lakeboat (2000)
Great character study
3 June 2001
I was mesmerized by the portrayal of the crew of the boat. I live in the Chicago area and the use of so many actors from the area gave true realism to the characters. I know people who have worked the boats on Lake Michigan and this movie reminded me of the experiences they have recounted. Once again, Mamet has told a story in a clean neat fashion.
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Good look at an interesting topic
6 November 2000
This is a very good film about the folks on the lower rung of the movie industry. I agree that David Straithairn does not get all the credit due and he really brings this movie home. The acting all around is good and examines what happens when one person out of a group of friends gets a chance at the big time. Rent this movie for a totally enjoyable 2 hours.
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Zero Hour! (1957)
The real Airplane!
15 October 1999
While channel surfing my wife & I stumbled upon this on cable. I said this is the genre that Airplane was based on. After a few minutes we were rolling in laughter. . Got a tape in to catch it later tonite. If you are a fan of Airplane, don't pass this by!
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Good idea, bad delivery.
19 July 1999
Lot's of inconsistencies in this film. People soaking wet in one room & dry when then enter the next. Charlie is seen pushing the neighbor's car down the street because he didn't want it in front of his house. Problem is he's in the middle of the street with a parked car on his side of the curb. How'd he get this car away from the curb & be able to push it without keys? The setting is during a record heat wave & the neighbor's air conditioning is broke. Yet when Mom puts the kids to bed, they are under sheets & comforters. It's an unintentionally funny movie.
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True look at the Old West
26 November 1998
I feel this is possibly the best Western I have ever seen. It portrays gritty people with simple outlooks to life. I believe this must truly show what the west was like - simple, rough, dirty, bad fitting clothes, etc. I was raised on Disney movies and when you compare this to them you get a real feel for what happens when a kid decides to chase a dream in the world of adults. My favorite line is when the kid tells one of the cowboys that being a cowboy is the greatest job in the world. The guy responds, " Kid, being a cowboy is what you do when you can't do anything else".

I suggest this as required viewing for anyone with an interest in the Old West.
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