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Payback (1999/I)
A Great Send-up, 10 March 1999

I'm not sure that Mel intended it, but "Payback" is a human version of a Tom and Jerry cartoon. It represents a send up of all the violent revenge films. In scene after scene he is demolished by some fatal attack and he bounces right back. What Bronson did with a straight face " Payback " goes a step farther and dares you to laugh. The villainy of Paymer, Christoferson, et al is delicious. The picture laughs at itself, the genre, and you have to laugh right along with it. A must see to my way of thinking.

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An exceptional film, 10 December 1998

I was unprepared for the wonderful experience this film affords. The metaphor is striking and acceptable. Wang catches the bittersweet essence of the changeover, both at the specific and the generic level.

Li, Irons, and Cheung are superb. The movie is a cornucopia of visual delights. In fact, it probably requires repeat viewing to fully absorb the totality of its impact.

Thank you, Mr.Wang, for a truly unusual piece of work.