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Virus (1999)
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It is Aware...that it stinks!, 2 August 1999

The previews said "From the creator of Alien and Terminator." It should've said "Using cliches from Alien and Terminator!" I usually like sci-fi flicks but this movie had bad-acting (like in the commercials when the guy goes "We're gonna die!" which was never in the movie anyways), and was boring! See the Alien Trilogy (And maybe Resurrection) instead, cause it'd be the same as watching this, only better

The Hand (1981)
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Not the best, but good, 4 June 1999

OK, the murders weren't gory (Just strangling), it was slow at sometimes, but still an enjoyable movie. I mean, Idle Hands was gory, funnier, fast-moving, has a great soundtrack, and better, but it's still a great flick.

The story is about a cartoonist played by Michael Caine who shows his girl a lizard's tail (The name of the story the movie is based on) which is still moving which fore-shadows what happens later in the movie. Then in an automobile accident, he loses his hand. They can't find it, so they give him a robot hand for a replacement. And the hand he lost was the hand he draws and writes with, so they have to have a replacement. He complains the artist is not as good as him and they find a recent cartoon scribbled on. And then there's the murders. A bum (played by director Oliver Stone) is killed by the hand (In a brilliant black and white sequence). Then Caine moves to some place to teach and cheats on another girl. Then other murders happen.

I won't give away what else happens. If you want a psychological thriller about a killing hand, rent this (Or And Now the Screaming Starts). But if you want a killer hand and a comedy, see Idle Hands (Don't listen to critics).

The Hand: B+ Idle Hands: A-

Scream 2 (1997)
Not as good as the first, but still good, 4 June 1999

This didn't surpass the original Scream even though it had more scares (I guess just cause I saw the first on video and S2 at the theater). Scream had some feeling to it that other horror movies don't have (Even though I like some of them), so that's why the first Scream is better. But still the sequel is great and cannot wait till Scream 3!

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Divorce this flick!, 31 January 1999

I watched it yesterday and it was sooo stupid! This movie is really a poor man's Friday the 13th. I felt like I was watching a film through a projection cause of the quality of the film and the sound! The blood? One word: Ketchup! Don't waste your time with this flick (even the ending was dumb!), and watch Friday the 13th instead!

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A great film filled with suspense, 16 January 1999

I had to rent this movie so badly, so one night I did and it was cool! The killings are cool and so is the suspense. The scene where that guy was looking through the room trying to find the killer kept me on the edge of my seat! **** out of **** stars.

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A nice and gory slasher film, 3 January 1999

When I heard this was going to be on TNT, I taped it. But then a Mad Max movie was on at first so I had to fast-forward it and hoped Slaughter High was worth it. And it was! It had cool death scenes, like the one where the girl gets acid in her bath tub and her skin melts off (although that is sorta cheesy). *** out of ***** stars.

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The worst in the series. What were the stars thinking?, 3 January 1999

One day I rented this film and thought it would be cool! I never seen the other ones first, but after watching this, I think I should have!

-First of all, there's no scares at all like in the first one

-The murder scenes have no shock in them

-It's confusing

-Nothing makes sense

-It wastes good stars

-In other words, it's the worst in the TCM series!

Hopefully the next in the series, is alot better! *1/2 out of *****

The last great film of 1998, 28 December 1998

As we reach New Year's Day 1999, I'd have to say the Faculty was the last greatest film of 1998. It was scary, the acting was well done, the direction and writing is great as the gore and nudity is. The other movies that opened that weekend don't look that good enough as Faculty.

Trucks (1997) (TV)
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Trucks sucks, 23 December 1998

You heard me. It's so bad. The way the cars honk at each other to communicate will make you laugh. If you want to see a movie where a spirit possesses an unmoving object and kills people, see Child's Play. Don't waste your gas seeing this movie (pun intended).

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No wonder it was delayed for a long time, 20 December 1998

I am truly a fan of the TCM films even if they are bizarre, but this one makes them look like the Psycho movies! Through the whole film I was like "What's going on here?" Hopefully the next TCM film would kick this movie in the behind!

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