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Well, at least Donna looks good......, 15 July 1999

Truly a horrible movie. Except for one thing: Donna D. looked incredible. I couldn't get enough of her and her three sizes too small t-shirts. With that said though, this was one lame horror movie with no substance, flair, or even good gore/special effects. Don't waste your time with this one. Unless of course you're a Donna fan..........

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So-SO, 11 May 1999

You know what? This movie actually wasn't so bad. The premise is basically the same as most slasher movies, but this one has a twist in that the killer, is actually obsessed with having the perfect family life and in the process, this obsession drives him to murder. Nothing really original with the kill scenes or the ending, but the Stepfather's madness is somewhat interesting. A 7 out of 10.

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Woody plays a bungling burglar., 29 December 1998

A must see for Woody fans and definitely recommended for anyone who appreciates silly slapstick type films. Woody here plays an idiotic and bungling burglar that simply doesn't receive any breaks during his life of crime (even though in the end of the film he proclaims that a life of crime does pay!). Very funny and although short, is still a gem.

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Silly zombie movie with a touch of humor., 24 December 1998

Nothing new here; creepy crawlers invade a college campus where they subsequently take over the dead bodies of college coeds. Some comedic momements (intentional) gives this movie some merit, but in all it is still not worth 89 minutes of your life.

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Woman scarred takes revenge, 24 November 1998

Okay, the movie is shocking. Therefore it is not suggested that the timid see this movie. Also, if you happen to be a diehard horror/slasher fan, this movie probably isn't for you either. But given that the movie has many technical faults, it still has shock value. See it only for that reason.

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Damien hits puberty., 22 November 1998

If you liked the first installment, you probably will like Damien-Omen II. It still has the creepiness involved in the first movie and the theme of good vs. evil. But like the first Omen movie, it is quite predictable. Some of the kill scenes are good though, especially the elevator scene.

Take a shot and rent this one. Just don't expect to see a classic.