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Must See!, 4 October 2001

This is the first show Roseanne put together for a HBO special. It predates her actual TV show (Roseanne)yet the characters on that hit series can be seen in raw form on this special. Many of the jokes contain the essence of the Roseanne character and landmark beginnings of what was to become one of the most successful TV shows of all time. Her down to earth attitude and mid-class America persona was identified with most by middle America making the women a legend in her own time. This special is intended for adults so the language is harsher as is the attitude. Roseanne may be controversial but she is real and that is a big relief for Hollywood.

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Twists, fast paced and sincere..., 17 August 1999

I love the homo-erotic nature of this film, especially because of the time it was made. Unfortunately Bette Davis does not have a big part, though it is still important. What this boy goes through just because he is naive is a tragedy. This film is hard to find but I recommend searching for it. The story is original and daring. The loss of innocence is heartbreaking and must be seen for yourself.

Beloved (1998)
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Intriguing, 19 October 1998

I had no clue what "Beloved" was about, I assumed it had to do with slavery. I was glad to see it was not a typical story but a metaphoric spiritual journey of self forgiveness. Demme's directing is superb, his use of flashback and the way those scenes are filmed unfold the story beautifully. The desensitizing use of disgust, the colors used to emphasize a scene, the texture displayed gives the viewer a sense of conflict. Winfrey and Glover are excellent as expected, but the real surprise is the acting of the daughters: Kimberly Elise and Thandine Newton. I walked away from the film still soaking it all in, and I guess I still am.