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Excellent (old) Ayn Rand, 8 October 1998

Although lacking the thematic elements of screenwriter Ayn Rand's subsequent novels, the script to this movie has an elegant plot and style characteristic of Rand's ever-popular novels The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. Jennifer Jones is stunning as the quintessential innocent. I have watched the movie about three times and enjoyed it tremendously each time.

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Makes you think as well as feel, 8 October 1998

This is one of the few movies in 1998 with a theme strong enough to capture my unqualified respect. Catherine McCormack's inspirational character chooses a life of independence and integrity as -- don't snicker -- a sixteenth-century courtesan. Her on-screen chemistry with Rufus Sewell is staggering, and the two play wonderful counterpoint throughout the movie, learning to overcome the limitations imposed by society and live out their love for one another.