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Superb, 23 March 1999

I am not a big fan of Stephen King books. Therefore, it came as a complete surprise that this compelling story was written by the "King of Horror" himself. Never has any other movie entertained in so many different ways. It manages to be disturbing and uplifting, both funny and moving. Morgan Freeman is top notch as usual, and Tim Robbins gives his best performance as lead character Andy Dufresne. If you haven't seen this movie yet, do yourself a favour and buy it from your local video store. You won't regret it.

Bad Girls (1994)
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A Western from a different perspective......, 3 December 1998

Bad Girls was always going to be risky. Take The Magnificent Seven. Subtract three of the heroes. Swop the remaining four heroes with rootin', tootin', gun toting heroines - namely Andie MacDowell, Mary Stuart Masterson, Madeleine Stowe and Drew Barrymore (probably the only reason to watch this movie). Add some ridiculous plotline, pathetic dialogue and over-acting. Finally, throw in some stereotypical bad guys for good measure. What do we end up with?

A waste of time, money and effort. Don't watch Bad Girls, it really isn't worth 90 minutes of your life.

"Game-On" (1995)
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Superb!, 2 December 1998

One of the UK's funniest comedies of late. Superb, sneering performances from the new (and arguably improved) Matt Malone (aka Neil Stuke), combined with hilarious, although silly storylines make this sitcom one you won't want to miss!

Another great British movie!, 30 October 1998

Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels is one of the best movies of 1998. Chock full of hilarious jokes and one-liners, great characters and totally unpredictable plot twists.

Vinnie Jones (ex Premiership footballer) makes a very impressive silver screen debut as "Big Chris", and the late Lenny McLean (Britain's most notorious bare-knuckle fighter) puts in his last, most memorable performance as "Barry the Baptist". Superbly written and directed by debutant Guy Ritchie, this movie will leave you crying out for more.

Here's hoping that the planned TV series is just as good.

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Shannon's at it again..., 23 October 1998

Another erotica starring the undisputed Queen of the genre - Shannon Tweed.

These are the reasons why anyone would watch a Shannon movie:

1. Powerful performances. 2. Imaginative storylines. 3. Big-budget special effects.

Okay, well.....maybe not. All you need to know is that Miss Tweed gets her kit off again, which is what she's best at. So let's just sit back and enjoy it while it lasts.

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The greatest Martial Arts movie ever made., 21 October 1998

This is, without doubt the greatest Martial Arts film ever to grace the silver screen.

It stars the legendary Bruce Lee, who mysteriously died a month before the movie went on general release. His death arguably had a lot to do with the success of the movie, but you can't take anything away from the awesome action sequences and incredibly choreographed combat scenes.

The general cinema going public tend to take these films with a pinch of salt, as they traditionally contain poor performances, silly effects and ridiculous plots. Ignore tradition. This movie will blow your mind.

Unfortunately, some scenes were cut from the film as the censors thought that Lee using Nunchaku would be a little too much for audiences. It's a great pity, because it would have been nice to see this masterpiece in its entirety. A classic.

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Ha Ha Ha Ha!, 21 October 1998

Oh dear, this really was awful. Why, oh why does Joel Schumacher feel it necessary to portray Gotham City as a bright neon Metropolis filled with fluorescent pink and blue lights? He has made the Batman movies into something resembling a stage production. Gotham City is not supposed to look like a pre-built set.

On to the dialogue (written by remedial infants perchance?). This movie oozes pathetic one-liners. "This is why Superman works alone", quips George Clooney. Not funny. Not clever. And certainly not worth paying money to watch.

The ultimate battle of good against evil, 7 October 1998

Never has any other movie in history had such a profound effect on so many lives. This film is and always will be a classic in every sense of the word.

The Krays (1990)
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A true tale of Britain's most feared gentlemen gangsters, 7 October 1998

A good movie which could have been better. Whilst watching, you can't help feeling that the director could have done more to string events together.

Not recommended for the faint of heart.