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Made interesting by Christopher Plummer and his wicked, wicked ways! The rest is blase., 12 October 1998

The best thing about this movie is Christopher Plummer. He is so decadent, so vile, so wicked--and yet...with a certain boyish charm--it's positively scintillating! No one plays this type of role better than he. Without him, the movie wouldn't be worth watching. Sophia Loren and Stephen Boyd provide the love interests and are the "good guys", but frankly, my dear--who cares? Can you say, "blah?" Watch this film to catch Christopher Plummer's performance and when he isn't onscreen, take a nap--you won't miss a thing.

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One of the best movies you'll ever see--I sat through a downpour and a dousing by automated sprinklers to see it on a large screen at an outdoor theater this summer and I loved every minute of it! (Even tho, 12 October 1998

This is, without question, one of the best movies ever made. OK, it's sweet and simple, but what's wrong with that, anyway? I'll take that over the mindless, loud, trashy, computer-generated drivel being made today. The Sound of Music never fails to lift and inspire the best that is in me and I believe that is a large part of its tremendous appeal. It speaks to our noblest ambitions and most dearly-held beliefs--freedom, family, God, country, love and the beauties of the world--the things that no one can ever really take away; the things that matter most. Combine that with how beautifully crafted every element of the film is and you've got a classic, worthy of repeated viewings and of passing on to successive generations as an example of a well-made film that is truly a credit to all who participated in its production. Beautiful music, outstanding performances, exquisite scenery, strong themes, humor, adventure and romance--it's got it all. If I knew I was going to be stranded on a desert island with my VCR and only one movie, this is the one I would choose. We need a little more innocence today and a whole lot of cheering up. Thank heaven for the Sound of Music--long may it endure!!!

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Ridiculous plot, inane dialogue, Christopher Plummer deserves better material., 12 October 1998

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The plot summary currently available for this movie is totally incorrect. The viewer has gotten the original film (starring Dorothy McGwire and Ethel Barrymore) mixed up with the television movie starring Jacqueline Bisset and Christopher Plummer. In the remake, Ms. Bisset plays a woman who has become mute because of the trauma of watching her child die in a fire and her husband die trying to rescue the girl--he falls off a ladder and lands on the spokes of the wrought iron fence! She is romantically involved with the doctor who has been treating her. The bad guy in this version is played by Christopher Plummer, who portrays Ms. Bisset's uncle in the film (sorry, can't remember character names). He, not the doctor, as stated in the current viewer summary, is the killer. His father couldn't stand to see physical imperfection or illness and, evidently passed his fetish on to his son--who has added to it the element of psycopathy, leading him to commit numerous murders in his effort to rid the world of imperfect people. Pretty stupid, really, as much as I like Christopher Plummer. I hate to see fine actors lower themselves to appear in productions unworthy of their talents. The original was not quite so far-fetched and much better acted by Dorothy McGwire in the role of the mute.

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Definitely among the best mini-series ever; worth watching, if only to catch outstanding performances by Barbara Stanwyck and Christopher Plummer., 12 October 1998

Very well done; highly watchable. Richard Chamberlain and Rachel Ward are okay as the tortured lovers, but the acting kudos go to Barbara Stanwyck and Christopher Plummer. Stanwyck won an emmy for her role and Plummer was nominated for his. (He should have won.) Ms. Stanwyck's final scene is wrenching--the emotion came straight out of her guts and no matter how many times I see it, it chokes me up. She was one of the greats and it shows in this performance. Christopher Plummer's portrayal of "Vittorio," Ralph's friend and mentor in the church, is delightful and oh, so perceptive. He sees right through Ralph and we see what he knows in his eyes--subtle and convincing; a good role for Plummer. Numerous plot lines, interesting locations, adventure, romance, tragedy, strong cast, great music, thought-provoking theme, engaging script--I recommend it!

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Intriguing true story; inspirational and well acted., 12 October 1998

This is a pretty good movie. Gregory Peck and Christopher Plummer are strong in the leading roles, but the edge goes to Plummer. Peck's on-again-off-again Irish brogue is distracting, but he makes an acceptable hero. Plummer, on the other hand, is deliciously wicked--charming on the outside, ruthless underneath. Even so, there are occasional glimpses of a less-brutish man; a man who loves his family and wants them to be safe; a man not entirely content with the horrors he has helped to create. So, when Plummer is forced to ask his archenemy for help, we can feel a bit sorry for his shattered pride and can share some of his resulting disillusionment and despair. One of the really wonderful moments in the movie comes at the end. Kappler is asked a question and the camera moves in for a close-up of his face. He doesn't have to say a word--the answer is in his eyes. Fantastic! This inspiring story of heroism and courage is also, ultimately, about forgiveness and about asking ourselves what we would have done. It's an excellent reminder that one should never under-estimate oneself--one good person can do a heck of a lot!