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Ringmaster (1998)
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Trashy comedy knocks itself out of the ring, 18 December 1999

You don't need to write a script for this trashed outrage! You just sit back and watch a pair of moonshine women and guests duke each other out before a riotous audience exposure at "The Jerry Show"! Violent and obnoxious, this cash-in on the real Jerry Springer program reveals everything that the over-rated hyped talk show doesn't show to you on the air - - unless you have a collection of uncensored videos made by the producers of "Cops". Even the outside world of Springerland reveals the most amateurish acting of the decade! This goes to show you that THE GONG SHOW MOVIE had a central character in a motion picture turkey. Change the channel! REJECTED

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Inventive, bleak romance drama has power, 11 December 1999

A real stimulatingly offbeat exhibition from Lynch is the dark and wild backdrop of a romantically engaged traveling pair: "Sailor" who is on parole after committing a brutal murder, and "Lula" whose mother demands her to return from a spoiled trip to Texas with help from a detective. It's a twisted, artsy journey that is often repulsive and long to boot (and certainly not for the squeamish!), but fares inventive at a certain degree and boasts some of the strongest performances ever worked on a Lynch film, perhaps even in 1990. Cage's concert act and the magically rendered semi-ending are two classic acclaims put together in this moving cinematic collage.

RATING: * * *

The Crush (1993)
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As the height of suspense draws closer, the excitement falters, 11 December 1999

Nick moves into the neighborhood until 14-year old girl Darian becomes strongly infatuated with him, and takes the consequences. Silverstone, in her first major film vehicle, proves sensitively capable for her young age in this uninteresting thriller that inheritedly reverses the gender frame when it comes to natural suspense. The compelling premise that tries to aim for Hitchcock discouragingly wears thin after the first run-through, and a shallow distinction is all that's left.


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Exit this film immediately!, 29 November 1999

When two undercover cops investigate Iman The Terrible, they're in for a romp of pleasure. This may go down to being a milestone as one of the sickest American comedies ever produced, where plenty of S&M is the biggest swap for light-hearted fun. Forget the entire cast that includes Dan and Rosie, because they all possibly wished they hadn't appeared in this picture ever since its first shooting. Best of all, you can forget this movie all in one piece. REJECTED.

Woo (1998)
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Can you say "WOOops!" and feel guilty about seeing this movie?, 28 November 1999

So a psychic predicts that "Woo" is going to have a good-hearted man for the hot night, right? Well, Jason predicts that you're not going to get a single laugh nor thrill from this wasted, inept, trashy, short urban comedy where there are plenty more apartment buildings and nightclubs to shoot a picture. Ms. Smith is one good actress they've wasted there, but rest assured that all of the acting (as well as the diversion) is to blame. Forget a "one-star" review, or even a halfsie; this one is absolutely, positively REJECTED.

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Tempting title in a poor drive-in excuse., 21 November 1999

Our story concerns a pack of females known as "The Mini-Skirts" and their accompanying rough riders in mountain terrain looking for trouble against an innocent trailer couple. The only things you'll appreciate from this hopelessly dated film are some nice pairs of legs and an appearance by Harry Dean Stanton as one of the rodeo rednecks. Everything else, the bad lighting, the fragmented story, leaves an awful lot to be desired, and even the title of this "biker" picture doesn't fully live up to anyone's expectations. To add even more scorching embarrasment is the opening theme song by Patty McCormack, also one of the gang members. Those who are looking hard to find this hidden cult movie will see the light as a limited cable TV offering, but remember, you get what you deserve! RATING: *

Psych-Out (1968)
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Wickedly good fun from the era of Flower Power, 21 November 1999

It's a rock band - hippie gang trying to protect a deaf runaway girl while on the search for her missing brother, but instead, they're taking The Trip to nowhere. Director Rush, who gave pony-tailed Nicholson some star treatment in HELL'S ANGELS ON WHEELS, delivers this pretty good view of offbeat, sublime hysteria pertaining to the drug frenzy that popularized late 60s culture. One troubling factor, though: it was made to immoralize society as we once knew it. Just say "wicked", and you'll enjoy this cinematic acid trip that isn't half-bad. RATING: * * 1/2

Dark Star (1974)
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Unpleasant space spoof is memorably amusing., 20 May 1999

DARK STAR is a worthy, yet often worthless classic for the John Carpenter archives, and although you will plan on turning this off, just sit back and gag over its cheap parodic thrills. The elevator scene stands out as highly memorable, but the movie runs its course into an awful bit of conversational dialogue that gets irritating until it swells. Each crew member of the spaceship is assigned to do some boring things to make the experience very unpleasing. A cast of four apartment junkies explains why, and what a huge mess of hair they're having! This may not be John Carpenter's best or worst, but a fairly good try for the first time. One should take notice of how the director revolutionized the cheapies for his next feature known as ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13.

WarGames (1983)
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Temptation is the only way to play this hi-tech thriller., 19 May 1999

Is it a game or is it "only a movie"? (Keep repeating!) WARGAMES is best classified as a cyber-espionage thriller that surrounds us with paranoia of the Cold War and World War III, tensions that flourished in the 80s. This is a very entertaining film that spawned the whiz-kid craze. Trouble kid Matthew Broderick hardly ever does enough acting, but when it comes down to his expertise of thinking with computers, we finally came and saw a new and talented star in movies who has charisma. The results are downright chilling and near-damaging as expected. Still, it isn't so different enough to have a plot that challenges everyone to save the universe. With its finest addition of high-tech vaporware, the movie has (or had) the appeal, but this display of classic teenage nostalgia only means that even the greatest of trends come and go. Above average 80s fodder.

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Shallow action film is deep on the Bronson touch., 17 May 1999

THE MECHANIC is best noted for Charles Bronson's trademark character as an anti-hero, and an assassin who gets the job done right. Was this Michael Winner's inspiration for DEATH WISH? Perhaps so, because the depth of the story is what counts, but it feels like putting off sensitive action buffs is the easy part. While more action would be a blessing, the best interest lies within Bronson's partnership of Jan-Michael Vincent. There is one simple solution to appreciate this: save your appetite for later. The events that surrounds "The End" will never be the same once you experience it, and it's worth the entire movie all in one piece.

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