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The Greatest American Movie of All Time, 10 October 1998

....Come on, now. The GREATEST? Yes. That's what I said. Better than "The Maltese Falcon?" Better, because "Devil in a Blue Dress" is not about crime - it is about racism in America. It reminds us of the old slave songs, seemingly innocent, but fraught with anger, frustration, and deeper meaning. ....It's about Mouse, and Mouse is violence personified. At the end of the movie, Easy asks the Deacon if he should remain friends with Mouse, to which the Deacon replies, "All you've got is your friends." And violence is Easy's only friend when dealing with a society that continually desecrates the sanctity of his home. ...."If you didn't want him killed," Mouse asks Easy, "Then why did you leave him with me?" Violence is not easily controlled, but the black man has few alternatives in today's America. ....It's also about the other methods that black people employ to cope with a white world. The "devil" is Daphne Monet, the mythical girl who transforms herself to escape her past, i.e. her blackness. She does it for the "monet," just as her brother, Frank Green, does his thing for the "long green stuff."....But Easy finds the answer through violence. Check out who blinks first when the cops drive by Easy's house at the end of this movie. Compare it to the first Easy/Cops encounters.....This is not a message white America wants to acknowledge, but any animal will resort to violence when cornered. Easy has no other way out, and he is every black man. Just like his namesake, Ezekiel of the Bible, he is bringing us the message of wrath and violence. It's as plain as the nose on your face, yet, then again, hidden from view.....The movie is flawless.

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Pure German "Romantik" in the best tradition!, 7 October 1998

Is it a romance? Is it a sci-fi thriller? This movie keeps you guessing all the way through, while we watch a distraught and morbid Fanny Fink bloom via the bumbling shenanigans of the next door palm reader. Will the space ship return? Is there a space ship? Will Fanny Fink find love? This may be all in German, but the subtitles are extremely accurate in meaning and mood, and the movie flows with humor and grace. And after the movie, you can go have a "Tasse Kaffee" with that person you've been meaning to get to know. A flat out wonderful movie, that will give you pause to cogitate afterward on life, death and ET.

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Must see viewing, whether you speak German or not!, 5 October 1998

"Keiner Liebt Mich" 1994 Is it fantasy, or romance? It is die deutsche Romantik. A mixture of both fantasy and romance; with humor, pathos, and a flawless cast of misfits. I can't recommend this movie highly enough. Shown as "Nobody Loves Me" on cable in my area, it is easily missed. But that would be your loss. Watch Fraeulein Fink's cynicism melt before your eyes, as she melts your heart. If I were only 20 years younger, I'd jump at the chance to offer her "eine Tasse Kaffee."