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Excellent story and acting, 30 July 2003

Johnny Depp was awesome and I had actually swore I would never watch a movie with him in it at From Hell, but thank God my daughter loves Orlando Bloom. This was the best movie I have seen this summer and I have seen a lot of them.

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Ready for Terminator 4, 30 July 2003

Wow, this was a great show. Finally a movie that capitalizes on Arnies' strengths as an actor. This third installment really caps the Terminator Saga as well as advances the entire story. I loved the movie and the characters again.

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Awesome movie about real men, 27 March 2002

As an American I was touched by this movie and the courage of the men portrayed. The real Colonel Moore was present for the filming of the movie and was adamant about the movie portraying events as true to life as possible. His wife really did hand out the Western Union telegrams to the other wives because the US Army at the time had not foreseen the eventual escalation of U.S. dead. For the non-americans this movie offended, I can only say proudly this was an American movie about American heroes in what most Americans feel like was a tragic war that we wanted no part of. This movie was needed to give insight into the realities of the Vietnam War. I have 4 Vietnam War veterans in my family. All four saw combat either in the Marines or Army. Only one ever saw any drug use and he worked side by side with with a group known then simply as "The Company". This movie is excellent and should be a must-see for every American Teenager. Mel may be an Aussie, but I would like to proudly point out he was born in New York.

K-PAX (2001)
ET meets Starman, 4 November 2001

Superbly entertaining movie with a great performance by Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey. Kevin Spacey is the alien with a heart or is he simply an insane genius? I loved the movie, but kids under 15 will not understand it.

Geared more towards young teens, 7 July 2001

Disney made a great movie and should have marketed it more for the 12 to 15 y/o crowd this movie would appeal to. I admit my wife and I enjoyed it as much as my 14 year old daughter. I noticed some very young kids that did seem to lose interest in the movie, but I highly recommend it for older kids.

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Eye of the Bewildered, 5 February 2000

Surreal and confusing. The theater we attended had an usher to direct us to the rest rooms or the exit when we were leaving. I heard a man behind us say he wished they had someone at the door that could have explained that movie. I totally agreed.

Great sci-fi comedy, 2 January 2000

I am a big-time Star Trek fan and I enjoyed this movie better

than the last two Trek movies combined. An obvious sci-fi comedy that mirrors a "well-known" cult icon, this movie was enjoyable for our entire family. Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver have a chemistry that makes me want to see them work together in other movies. See it!! Enjoy it!!

An excellent movie with some heart., 2 October 1999

This is the best movie George Clooney has done since Batman. He is a very believable soldier in a movie about taking risks for the "necessity". The action was non-stop and the situations believable in a movie that was surprisingly touching in many places. Ice-Cube has to be one of the best actors on film today .

High Risk (1981)
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Good action movie, 3 May 1999

This is a good action movie that was over looked because Raiders of the Lost Ark came out at the same time. Hard to find a video, but it is an excellent comedy-action movie.

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Worst movie I have ever seen, 15 February 1999

I have not seen Attack of the Killer Tomatos, but I felt I totally wasted my time in this movie. I hated it and my wife hated. People were walking out of the theater. There is one excellent fight when John Cusack and some soldiers take a Japanese bunker that was inspiring. I should have left the theater after that was over though.

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