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Ed Wood (1994)
a unique treasure
12 March 1999
Ed Wood is an unusual and unique film recounting the life of Ed Wood, the king of bad films. Johnny Depp conveys Ed's enthusiasm and film "techniques". It is relatively faithful to the story of Ed Wood (as surprising as some of the scenes may be, most of them are based on fact.) Martin Landau gives an incredible performance as Bela Lagosi. The film is entirely in black and white and pays homage to movies of that time. Don't miss this one if you are a fan of "grade Z" movies.
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An incredibly moving documentary
3 January 1999
As good as Schindler's List was, I found this movie much more powerful as it is a documentary and based on real life. It details the story of the Frank family, and Anne in particular. Although it is a bit slow moving at first (detailing their family life before the war); it becomes very powerful.

Due to some of the footage and photos of the camps, I would not recommend it for children but for adults, it illustrates the horror of the Holocaust through one young girl. Highly recommended.
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