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Hope I wasn't drooling, 27 December 2002

Pretty actors in one of the worst TV movies I have ever seen. Don't get me wrong - I like bad movies, but this just seems to go on and on. It isn't that the acting is particularly bad, it's just boring. I thought it was almost over only to find it had an hour left. I used it for noise value and cleaned the house.

"Boomtown" (2002)
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Creative Series, well worth viewing, 5 December 2002

This show is fantastic, but not suited for anyone wanting to veg. Told from the different points of views of the various characters, the writers seamlessly weave the stories lines together to complete the picture. The endings are often unexpected. "The Pilot" was heartbreaking. "Insured by Smith & Wesson" merged an old Joe Penny show (Riptide) into the mix and makes you become emotionally involved in the faded actor he portrayed. The most shocking ending was in the "Reelin' in the Years" episode with Patricia Wettig - I gasped in shock. You come to see that nothing is as expected in a very refreshing way.

Skinwalkers (2002) (TV)
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Beautifully cast mystery, 25 November 2002

Perfect cast brings to life an engrossing mystery. James Redford did such an excellent job with the writing that I look forward to seeing more of his work. I hope they make this a series instead of a one movie deal. Maybe they could create quality American Mysteries to air alternating with the British mysteries.

Beautiful, moving movie, 9 February 2002

Knowing the subject matter I was hesitant to watch this movie, but I am extremely glad I did. My heart ached as I watched the isolation the girls were in and the parents who just don't get it. The performances were outstanding. Kirsten Dunst is radiant and broken, trying to fill a void that she can't quite reach. Kathleen Turner is harsh and strict, thinking what she is doing is best for the girls, but making the matter worse. James Woods seems to shrink after the death of his daughter, unable to stop or comprehend what is happening around him. Josh Hartnett is also outstanding, and you some how feel satisfied with the misfortune that appears to have befallen him as an adult.

I think the two scenes I will always remember are the scenes when Kirsten Dunst wakes up alone in the football field. You can feel her sense of betrayal and pain. The other scene is with the scene where the sisters are exchanging songs with the group of boys across the street. They don't say a word, instead the music speaks for them - the girls reaching out trying to explain how isolated they are and the boys understanding them amazing well, but not quite enough to stop what is going to happen.

I am eager to see what Sofia Coppola does next.

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Shouldn't mess with a good thing, 5 January 2002

This show was very funny in its first season, but then they got rid of Kevin Kilner and the show was just another run of the mill bad sitcom. The talent that remained was still very good, and they had a good chemistry, but the writing was far from inspired.

Everyone has to retire at some point, 22 September 2001

Very predictable movie. While DMX and other cast members are very engaging, Steven Seagal has definitely seen better days. He appears doughy and not nearly as active as he has in the past. Jill Hennessey was wasted in a small role, but then again, she is also too young to be in charge of an entire police unit. There are better B movies out there.

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Good book gone bad, 10 February 2001

The often excellent Randy Quaid is horribly miscast as Steve Carella - which really brings the production to a deadly pace. By putting Ed McBain's name in the title, fans of the books expect to see the characters that they are familiar with. The loving and long term marriage of Steve and Teddy Carella hasn't occurred yet - in fact, this is where they meet. It is unfortunate that they have no chemistry in the movie. They tried to cram too much history into one movie. Audiences accept a cop being married, whether they know the character or not.

"Turks" (1999)
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Don't bother, 25 January 1999

I believe this is from the same creator of Reasonable Doubts and Midnight Caller, so I looked forward to the show - unfortunately it appears to have used the same premise as the other family police scripts out there - bad guys rob cop bar, large family - two who follow fathers footsteps and become cops, one is going to have to be on the wrong side of the law, brother finds out... oh, you've seen one of them. William Devane is the only real name in the cast, and still has the strength that made his character on Knots Landing so interesting. Everyone else is standard character, not really adding, but not detracting from the blandness. Too bad - I expected better.

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For those who love bad mysteries, 25 January 1999

This program is consistently bad and horrible overacted. Normally decent actors were trapped in predictable story lines - the only question of an episode was who would say 'I'm a cop' and how many times it would be said. (At least in every episode.) George Clooney, the golden boy of ER, gave no indication of his dramatic talents, although his slicked back hair certainly was interesting. Lee Horsley resembled Rock Hudson, without the magnetic ability. That being said, if you enjoy bad cop dramas, this is mindless enough. It could best be described as any police portions of Knots Landing, perhaps because it had one of the same producers.

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Great show, 25 January 1999

Great show using some of Hollywood's most underrated and/or under used talents. Mark Harmon never came off as the pretty boy he portrayed in his movies, but built on the dramatic abilities displayed in St. Elsewhere. Marlee Matlin was believable as an attorney, although towards the end of the run her character became a little too holier than thou. Kay Lenz is great in anything, and her Maggie Zombro gave her many layers to work with - she and Mark Harmon made a good team. Great inside joke was Dickie watching television when the theme song to Midnight Caller came on - which I believe was another show by the same producer.

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