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Kiss me Kate! Taming of the Shrew, 29 May 2002

Watching this movie, I was struck by the similarity to Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. The protagonists get off on the wrong foot. The dominating, spoiled female meets her match. The couple deals with adversity and betrayal with responsibility and all's well that ends well.

A favorite: The pieces fit together so neatly..., 30 May 1999

One of my favorite comedies. The story elements fit together like a wooden puzzle ball. Take for instance the video of the "murder" and the phone call to the police chief {:^)

See this flick!

Wow! Effects and a touching story too!, 10 October 1998

I really enjoyed this film. I really resonate with the falling instantly in love in the opening (sigh!).

I'm planning to go again taking an artist friend of mine with me. As a technician, I think I'm missing references to classic art and mythology.