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Towelhead (2007)
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Should've been called "Sick-O", 9 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If we ever NEED a reality show it is one of Hollywood executives. How do they sign off on a $100 million project before that first Scotch in the morning? What is the debate before greenlighing a movie about a 13-year-old submitting to the sexual whims of the married Army Reservist next door? Surely a free people can make any movie they choose. And surely Hollywood is only interested in money when they make a movie like this that offends anyone that thinks sex between children and men is wrong, or thinks stereotypical looks of Arab men don't have a place in society. Not only does the girl's father beat her, tell her which feminine products to use, wait, I'm not sure what else he could do, maybe blow himself up at the bus stop to prove he's a bad guy.

The married Army Reservist neighbor, who drives a pick-up, lives in Texas, and I'm sure voted for the evil John McCain, just explores his sexuality with the neighbor girl. You know, the type of thing that happens all the time. And you know the girl really isn't upset about it until her dad believes the bad black boy took her virginity. The sexual flirting between the neighbor and the girl up to that point, is a true love story, right out of "To Catch a Predator." But no one seems to see it as wrong. Oh the bad soldier does end up in jail, for a spell, but the feeling is the girl felt guilty for putting him there and her father was the true bad guy for turning him in.

Maybe this is "straight out of the book." But does it have to be made? Do we really need more movies where sex between adults and children is explored? Do we really need more movies that paint soldiers are redneck inbreeding hicks? A million books are out there that don't celebrate these things, but Hollywood spends money (and I guess makes some too) on this.

My guess the reason this is so highly rated here on IMDb is because those that have an aversion to seeing movies like this haven't seen it and the stars of "To Catch a Predator" and those that see it as "bold" to have men and children sleeping with each other on film have.

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Considering Axelrod had something to do with this you get what you expect., 21 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

David Axelrod, Barack Obama's head spinmaster/political aide/and possible puppeteer, apparently had a major hand with this documentary. As such you can expect it to contain less than a full picture of the actual ship.

The history of the greatest battleship built is woefully incomplete, what's included is accurate, however, minor things like being a sister ship of the Musashi, or the Yamato's coastal bombardment of US positions in the Pacific in 1942, or her entering surface combat during the Battle of Leyte Gulf weren't even mentioned. Sort of like having a documentary of the USS Arizona and not mentioning Pearl Harbor.

In short this show has some great interviews with survivors, fascinating video of the wreckage, and insight from Nipponese Historians, but like the Obama Campaign, it's all buzz words and no meat, maybe I didn't have enough Hope to accept this Change on the history of the great IJN Yamato.

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"I'm a man of few words, any questions?", 3 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode is quite easy to explain, the cast of Springfield happen to get called up in the Naval Reserves and viola, they are in "Hunt for Red October." Trust me it's funnier than it sounds.

This episode is brilliant, as a military man, and fan of HfRO it ranks close to the top of my list of all time favorite episodes. The number of memorable quotes is too high to count, some of the best parts fall after the US government believes Homer has shanghaied the USS Springfield and is bound to turn it over to the Ruskies. "I told dad that picture would come back to haunt him."

This season contained many great and "classic" episodes. It makes one wonder why the following few years fall so short when comparing the them.

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"See you in Hell, dinner plate.", 3 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is perhaps one of the best Simpson episodes. I might be a bit biased being an NRA member and all.

After a soccer riot, "he holds it, he holds it." "HE HOLDS IT, HE HOLDS IT..." Homer buys a gun to protect his family. After a short wait, showing the silliness of the Brady Bill waiting period, he finally can lock and load and hits the range. There he meets some NRA members and is invited to the "secret" organization.

After Homer hosts a meeting he gets booted from the NRA because of his recklessness with his gun. Marge ends up leaving him because he'd rather have the gun than her. (Smart choice.) He finds his family at a local flop house and ends up saving them from a mugging with his horrible gun.

This episode was mentioned in National Review in an article from Jonah Goldberg. He explained this, amongst others, pokes fun at liberalism. Not that this show doesn't poke fun conservatives, it does, but as Goldberg mentions, it is one of the few that does the same with Liberals.

The evenhandedness of showing the NRA is about the only time on network TV other than "The King of the Hill" you'll see.

Other than the political stuff, this episode contains scores of memorable quotes, it really stands out as a classic.

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"Interracial Homoerotocism", 1 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode is a take from "Behind the Music" off VH1. The perfectness of this episode is the dead seriousness behind every scene. I almost want to believe the Simpson family is a real family, aren't they? You'll see the dark side of fame for the Simpson family. It ain't pretty, but with Jimmy Carter's comedy break dancing you cant go wrong. With looking at these scenes and secrets, you'll get a full take on how the Simpson's fame affected both themselves and the residents of Springfield.

I'd ask the show's producers looking into more takes offs of "real shows" this episode didn't feel "forced" or "old". But it is nearly 8 years old as of now. Anyways, how about an "Extreme Makeover: Homer Edition"?

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Gave up on the series after this episode., 18 November 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I loved this show from its start. But starting with Season 4 the show went off the deep end, with undercover wives, female agents, and honor code killings. This episode capped everything off for me.

The first couple Seasons were solid and realistic then came the "7 families run the government" story line last season, and I stuck it out until this episode, but when they brought on the creepy short lady who's in all those horror movies I had to tap out. Of course the daughter is rescued, you think they would've killed her? At least I'll still have the first couple season's of quality entertainment. Maybe if it survives this season they'll retool the show, here's hoping.

"The Unit" (2006)
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Gave up after S4E8, 18 November 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've been in the military my entire adult life and always felt the country was missing out in not having a good military show on TV. What was M*A*S*H* the last one that remained longer than a trial run? OK, Tour of Duty and China Beach were around a few seasons but back to my point. It has been awhile either way.

I loved The Unit when it first started, loved Haysbert from 24, loved Patrick from T2 and X-Files. The series thrived on "real world" missions that had a flair for authenticity that is lacking in other shows.

Then it slowly went downhill. Starting with Season 2, maybe 3 but I think 2, the series opened to some gigantic conspiracy straight from the writers at dailyKOS website. Seven families control power of the government since the founding of the nation, didn't you know that? And these families set up the Unit, like most movies the government apparently thinks its a good move to "set up" it's military to "take the fall" for some error in foreign policy.

After that silly reverie, it got back to business AKA taking the fight to the enemy, and I'll hand it to them, the enemy wasn't the US but bad guys.

Then came this season, I'm thinking CBS demanded the show's producers take a more Army Wives approach because half the show this season is not only about the wives, who first few seasons did things Army wives do, but now the wives are acting as de facto members of the team in a not really explained undercover town where enemy agents just so happen to be set up there as well.

Also in Season 4 a female "agent" is introduced, once again I'm thinking CBS is trying to reach more of the female viewer with this addition. The result is the show became a complete farce set in Hollywood than anything set in real life.

Let me end that Season 4 introduced the "code" where if an officer sleeps with the wife of one of his men, his men get to kill the before mentioned officer. Trust me, they could've mentioned that at OCS when I went through.

Watch the first couple seasons on DVD or online, they are worth it and are great episodes to a great show. The truncated Season 3 was a mix of good and bad, Season 4 had two outstanding episodes and the rest were a mix of Hollywood hogwash and rejected Army Wives scripts.

In Season 4, The Unit went "Full Retard." I would like to thank CBS for giving me an hour a week back to me.

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You know it's a cartoon, right?, 9 April 2008

I wonder if those that detest this episode were meant to take it seriously. I really didn't take it seriously, we know Bart is 10 in 1989 and is 10 in 2008. The entire city of Springfield has been stuck in a rift in the Matrix, where the space-time continuum is stuck in a loop.

This episode is merely a throwback to the 90s, I can't see how anyone that has watched more than a dozen episodes would assume this is part of the history of Simpsons. Every season has an episode or two that have no relevance on the history, ie, Simpson Bible Stories, and Tales from the Public Domain.

Relax people, the episode was far from great, though it had moments, but it hardly caused the series to "jump the shark."

Whiteboyz (1999)
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Cracka plaaaalease, 28 March 2008

There is a great underground culture dealing with white people acting black, or wishing they were black. Though I don't believe too much in human creations such as race, but there are those that strive to be something other than they should be. I, for some reason, felt some pity, for the kids in this movie. They only want to be accepted, and look towards the rap culture for acceptance.

For a white boy from the suburbs, I can say I've known guys that act like the leads in this movie. The sad thing is they don't know how ridiculous they are acting until it is too late.

The movie is almost a comedy, but sadly, those that are being laughed at don't know it.

Conspiracy (2008)
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Well, at least people were cut up, 22 March 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I never heard of this movie, and I am a big movie buff, until I saw a pop-up ad of all things. Needless to say they spared promotion money to pay Kilmer his paycheck.

First the good: There was lots of killing, which some was rather unique and bloody. There was a decent backstory in Iraq that could've been a movie itself. Then there was a folksy Western Town that I'd love to spend some time in.

Then the Bad: Okay, Hollywood is good at taking "ripped from the headlines" and making that into a "Law and Order" or cheesy movie, well here you get the movie. The bad guy is the head of a Halliburton type company, he hates Mexicans and likes paying them less than a "decent" wage. Though I don't know why the Mexicans just don't move on to another company.

Then there is a pitiful diatribe about Halliburton starting a war, to sell the Army guns, then making money to rebuild Iraq, to start a war with Mexico to repeat. If not for this absolutely retarded scene I'd give it 8/10.

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