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I got a lot more than what is expected...definitely worth seeing!, 29 October 2015

I've been a fan of Don "The Dragon" Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock for a long time and when I heard about this film, I was quite excited. They were perfectly cast as Glen and Cindy, a couple who take in troubled nephew Robbie and soon become his mentors in the martial arts when he is bullied.

The film does convey its anti-bullying message, but in a way, the film also changes the way people may perceive martial arts as a whole and that is what also stands out between Wilson's Glen and T.J. Storm's Coach Kaine. Their differences of opinions as to how martial arts should be conveyed is truly personified not only by them but by Robbie and Kaine's student Bo, who is the one who bullies Robbie.

Jansen Panettiere and Matthew Ziff really break out in the film as they did great jobs in their roles of Robbie and Bo respectively. Plus if you are a martial arts fan, you will see most of the cast is comprised of martial artists with some legends of the field and world champions playing themselves as mentors.

This truly is marketed towards the family and speaking not only as a film fan, but as a parent as well, this is one that is suitable for families and is a break away from your generalization of martial arts films. Definitely worth checking out!

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The Love Child of "Best of the Best" and "The Bad News Bears", 8 July 2015

Since hearing the announcement that Phillip Rhee would be returning with a new film, his first in 17 years, had me excited. Even more, the fact that martial arts legends Richard Norton, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Danny Inosanto, Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, and Jun Chong were making cameos had me excited more. Rhee did a terrific job in not only giving a message about martial arts, but like the original Best of the Best, the film truly has heart.

What's really great is that in my opinion, this film could be a stepping stone for a new generation of future action stars. Seeing martial arts champions Rayna Valladingham, Aidan Considine, Tyler Weaver, Andrew Franklin transition to film as well as Supah Ninjas' Ryan Potter and Sean Rhee (Phillip's son), this is truly a fun film to enjoy.

If there is a film that martial arts film fans would want to break their kids with in watching the genre, this is truly one of those films to introduce them. A fun film with heart and some exciting martial arts action with a dose of family comedy.

Grindhouse Trailer Lovers will want this!, 17 March 2015

This title has two parts: Part 1 consists of Bruce Lee, which starts with the "making of Enter the Dragon" followed by a brief biography on Bruce mixed in with clips from some of his films. That's about 25 minutes of the film.

The second part is classic 70's grindhouse trailers to martial arts films that were released during the heyday of the kung fu film genre. There are classics such as "The Black Dragon", "Duel of the Iron Fist", "The Tattoo Connection", and the amazing titled "Bruce Lee Fights Back from the Grave" as well as some odd ones such as "Kung Fu Master: Bruce Lee Style" and "Shadow of the Dragon".

If you loved these grindhouse trailers, you are sure to want to get this!

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Fun short film with plenty of action, 24 November 2009

I came across this film about a decade ago. It's a short film that stars Kenn Scott of Showdown and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II fame as Johnny, a martial arts expert who helps a pizza shop owner on the brink of losing his business. Why? Because all of the delivery boys have been beaten up by various thugs and gangs. Johnny decides to take the next job and fights his way to make his delivery. Kenn Scott still delivers the goods in terms of the martial arts sequences. It's a fun delight to see this film and if it was available on DVD, I would recommend it to fans of Scott's for sure. Any pizza delivery person who has been harassed en route to delivery could learn a thing or two from Johnny.

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New Action Star!, 6 July 2005

While Ong-Bak made Tony Jaa a bonafide star in Thailand, the same can be said for Dan Chupong (Chupong Changprung) in Kerd Ma Lui. A protégé of Panna Rittikrai, Chupong gets to show his own acrobatic style of fighting in the film as heroic cop Daew. Some of the moves he pulls off are ones that viewers would only imagine can happen in video games. The story is well done as Chupong, his sister, and some of her athlete friends go to a village only to become hostages then revolutionaries. The last half concentrates on the athletes' specialized skills (soccer, gymnastics, taekwondo, muay thai, and sepak takraw--a combo of soccer and volleyball). Definitely for the action fan out there!!!! See it now!

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Best Leatherface since Gunnar, 18 May 2004

I gotta say I am a huge fan of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and when I heard that Andrew Bryniarski was going to play Leatherface in the new film, I had to see it. And was I surprised!!! Not since the original one, Gunnar Hansen, has Leatherface been played the way he should be played. The problem with the sequels of the past were that they were given too much emotions, such as love (part 2) and family (part 3 & 4). Gunnar didn't show emotions like love and family...he did it with no remorse. Andrew took that no remorse and upped it to a 20!!! Without a doubt one of the best remakes of a classic horror film with the best Leatherface since the original!!! Let fans complain that the last name is not what?! A fresh new version with a classic horror style thanks to the director and cinematographer.

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Interesting Indie feature, 27 January 2004

I watched this movie at 2:30 in the morning one night. I have to say, I was never one who really liked independent features, but I have to say as an American with Puerto Rican blood in him, I learned a lot of stories about how tough it is in the Bronx. Seeing this film gave me a chance to visualize what life can be like in the Bronx. I'm sure it's not all that bad, but even still, I felt director Val Lik did a pretty good job with his film debut and even playing the young Caucasian who is befriended by the PR crew. Although the only that made me feel uneasy was Axel constantly undressing. He's got issues. That, plus Frankie Negron portraying Tommy really well and Erika Torres looking good, I have to say, pretty good movie.

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Kane is back!!!!, 11 November 2003

I have to say that despite having one of the worst titles ever, I really enjoyed this action film. Watching Kane Kosugi with his dad in the 80's, it is clear that he not only improved but action wise, he is better than what I used to see from him in the 80's. The plot is a typical B-movie by standards, but man was the action awesome. Seeing Kane spin in the air to do a split kick knocking two guys down is just astonishing...oh and look for Jackie Chan for literally 1 second in the opening before Shinya Hashimoto fights Ken Lo. Awesome film...Kane Kosugi is back!!!

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Better than City of Angels, 17 July 2003

Okay, for fans of the original Crow movie who may not know what the deal is with the sequels and why they exist, I'll give a short but sweet thing: each Crow story is the story of a different tortured soul. The first Crow, with Brandon Lee, will forever be the best one. The problem with Part 2 was it wasn't really a sequel, but more of a rehash of the 1st one. And it just fell flat.

The 3rd installment, Salvation, should be considered a true follow-up. Eric Mabius did a wonderful job of playing the tortured soul, Alex Corvis and similar to the original, he becomes this Poe-speaking, witty avenger that made Lee the best of the lot. What adds an interesting flair is that we can see his death happen in the present, not a flashback like the prior 2.

I wonder what the next installment, Wicked Prayer, will be like.

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Underrated Horror Film, 20 May 2003

If everyone thought "Scream 3" had an interesting plot - a movie set falling prey to the killer resembling the Ghost Face Killer, then why don't you try this interesting horror flick of the 80's. As an avid fan of cult films, that is exactly what this film is. Early appearances by George Clooney and later appearances by "Dr. Ben Casey" Vince Edwards, "Marcia Brady" Maureen McCormick, "Mo Green" himself, Alex Rocco, and that kid from "Alice", Philip McKeon, all star in this film about a killer who returns to the high school where he killed years ago to terrorize a movie crew. The finale is a hell of a surprise.

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