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Still a classic, 13 March 2001

I first watched this movie when I was rather young. After 13 years, I've just re-watched it. Still a brilliant piece of work. Often, I'd be bored watching old films which I had thought the world of. But this movie still amazes and excites me after so many years.

I am sure the more violent scenes were cut from the version I watched, because I vaguely remember moments that were a lot more shocking. But I would't classify it as a "violent" movie, because there was a lot of meaning to it. If I as an elementary school child could take it, it shouldn't be any more gruesome than The Ring 2.

Simply watching Chow Yun Fatt was a treat in itself. His acting was intriguing and absolutely intense. Never did a moment pass that he wasn't giving in his best. The smiles and the stares, the jokes and the scorn, the singing and the scolding... and who would forget his orange with 3 cigarettes? No kid from a chinese-speaking family doesn't remember this classic arrangement.

Tony Leung, another great actor, could be seen shining in his own right. Although much of the glamour belonged to Chow Yun Fatt, Tony Leung's performance in the suicide scene, and the sheer ignorance in his eyes as he incurred the wrath of just about everyone, were truly commendable. He was the "stupid little lamb" in the film.

Watch this film, and you'd find "Anna and the King" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" terrible jokes. I still can't believe Chow Yun Fatt starred in these 2 films. From an Asian's point of view, his recent Hollywood films were disappointing. His roles in these new films were a far cry from his memorable performances in "The Story of Ah Lang", "A Better Tomorrow" and this film. Special effects can't be everything in a movie. Realism is more important.

And don't walk away without learning how to sing the prisoners' favourite song! *Yian sum yu sei shueang yao do siu...*

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Disappointing, 27 February 2001

To tell the truth, I didn't finish watching the entire series. And this is due to the fact that the first episode was horrible.

This drama was broadcast at the same time in Japan, Singapore and Philippines etc, as part of the promotion during the "japan-craze" in SEA, which is still raging on now.

The first episode was not interesting at all. My entire hostel block went down to watch it, but many students went off after the second commercial break.

The series was both slow and unrealistic. Despite the scenes and people being very beautiful, the drama came across as "plot-less" and "meaningless". Why would love in year 2000 be such a wishy-washy flop?

I wouldn't recommend it to those who like some plot in their shows. For those who like to watch beautiful people, this might be the one for you.


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Has to lean on the TV series, 17 December 2000

Strangely enough, I watched the movie before I watched the TV series.

In short, the movie is just another long episode in the TV series. If you take it that way, you'd probably love the movie as much as the TV series.

The movie is unable to stand on its own. First-time viewers will be puzzled by the relationship between Aoshima and Muroi. Many will be disappointed by the relative ease at which the cyberkiller and kidnappers were caught. But those are not the main points of the story.

The stratification and redtape within the police force tend to take centre stage in the TV series, and in the movie too. The police officers of Wangan branch were unable to participate in case investigations because they are "just a branch". And Aoshima got into trouble (at the end) only because he had to wait for the headquarters to officially arrest the kidnappers. Muroi, on his way up the rankings, finds it impossible to take care of his subordinates at the frontline.

Prospective viewers are recommended to watch the TV series first, although it makes no difference if you are a fan of Japanese dark comedy. Then treat this movie as another TV episode as you watch it, because it is really just a TV special.

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Story is just average, but actress makes the difference, 22 November 2000

This is a story of 5 men and women engaged in a love relationship. 3 are school buddies, 2 are newcomers.

Kanji (Oda Yuji), a newcomer to Tokyo, is being encouraged by the bubbly Rika (Suzuki Honami). They become an item. But Kanji still cannot forget his female schoolmate whom he always admired. However, the latter is infatuated with Kanji's best friend, an ultimate playboy. Then again, this playboy is attracted by his mysterious female college-mate. Sigh, a love-pentagon.

The usual jealousy and love games persist, until Kanji decides to give Rika up, saying that he cannot bear the "burden" of her affection.

This romantic drama hit the tops in Japan and Singapore, despite the familiar plot. The essence of the drama is Rika, played by the charming Suzuki Honami. The theme songs also lent much character to the drama. An interesting note: Oda Yuji's performance has improved since this hit drama, as shown in Bayside Shakedown of 1998.

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GREAT!! Romantic anime with fantasy all in one, 7 November 1999

The plot may not be unique, but the way it is put across is more than beautiful.

A truly funny anime that will get you laughing non-stop, and finally get you crying too.

The only thing to take note is that this anime is definitely not for young children. There is some harmless nudity and reference to sex, but is not pornographic.

Don't miss the after-episode theatre! Theis is where all the funniest jokes are! The ending is quite philosophical, but I do think it is most appropriate and artistic that way.

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Incredible!, 4 October 1999

I didn't find any part of it boring! The only regret of mine is that I have not seen this film in the cinema. Instead I watched it on vcd. Nevertheless, the beautiful shots came through, and the story all the more touching.

May sound silly that identical girls are related to the same man. But in fact, you wouldn't have any trouble identifying which girl is which, because they are so "different". One is sad and soft-spoken, the other humorous and tomboyish.

A light and funny show, and you'll sigh when it's over and hope it isn't yet. The ending is the climax, you'll love it!

Wonderful performance by Nagayama Miho! She speaks a few simple words (won't tell you what words) and I felt like crying, not because it was sad.

Believe me, watch it and smile for the rest of the week as you recall those "high school days".

Ring (1998)
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A little boring, 27 September 1999

Nevertheless it is much better than gory, bloody films where monsters spring out from all directions.

A few scenes were good -- Tomoko in the closet, Sadako's gripping hand in the well, and of course the classic video (up to the cursed part).

The most important part is video where Sadako emerges. If you watched it beforehand(like I did), this film is otherwise boring.

The music was good, very gripping. Yet it failed to make me too excited. Perhaps it's because I am Chinese and more used to such long-haired ghosts.... :D. My friends and I all found this film quite boring, until the end. But I notice that most favourable commentors are not Asian.

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It just gets funnier, 24 July 1999

Never a dull moment. The international students are hilarious in the way they express themselves in English! I am not a native English speaker, so I can identify with some of their difficulties.

Some racist jokes occasionally, but besides being funny, they make one realise how hostile a few English-speakers can be toward foreigners who are trying hard to master the language.

Original, but drags, 25 April 1999

The ideas and themes in this movie are very original, like those of Truman Show. Getting in touch with inner feelings would bring out the "colour" or change in appearance; people should not be afraid to change; change may disrupt proceedings as well as bring substance and imagination to life. The film touches on racism too.

Despite the interesting themes, the film tends to drag. People changing to colour are mostly predictable, except that of Mary-Sue and Bud. The overall length is too long. The story would have been told more effectively in a shorter period of time.

The film lacks impact, but it can set you thinking if you concentrate and take note of which things/people change colour first, and the reason for it. Pay attention to the things in the burger shop.

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Anyone would like it, 16 April 1999

An honest, sweet fairy tale that is concise and heart-warming.

Why it wasn't screened in Singapore, I don't know. Guess it was the Forrest Gump phenomenon. And I didn't even really enjoy Forrest Gump.

It's a movie few would dislike. A wonderfully creative ending too.

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