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Fully entertaining film, if nothing else., 16 November 1999

I had been really looking forward to this movie as I generally like Tim Burton films. This is definitely a Burton movie - beautiful Gothic sets & costumes, subtle (and more blatant, too) irony/humor, and the other usual suspects (jack-o-lanterns, claymation-esque animation, etc.). I found this movie to be completely entertaining, but there were several points that were just soo cheesy, he had to have included them tongue-in-cheek (one hopes). Not as great and haunting as "Edward Scissorhands" but good fun nonetheless.

One of the better "teen movies", 6 August 1999

I loved this movie. Shakespeare in origin, but almost seamlessly updated into such an engaging story. Sure, you know it ain't reality, but this was a romantic teen movie comedy for which you're so willing to suspend the disbelief. The cast is great, especially because they are all just around the right age and as much as was made of the 'fresh-faced unknown cast,' they work perfectly here. Ledger and Stiles especially have a great chemistry. If you're a fan of the John Hughes-esque 80's genre (of the Sixteen Candles or Cameron Crowe's Say Anything type), I strongly recommend you see this.

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A tweed-loving mannequin and friends, 5 August 1999

A PBS favorite from my youth (along with Square One and 321 Contact, of course). Jeff is a department store mannequin who comes to life at night once the store is closed and his special beret-like hat is placed on his head. Jody is a real life person who is a friend of Jeff (and also fond of pink pantsuits, from what I recall). Sam is the puppet Walter Matthau-esque security guard, a gruff old man, but with a very entertaining computer. He's also friends with the puppet mouse (Muffy?). Hijinks ensue and emotions flow (especially from Jeff: how does he deal with his handicaps?) every night at this department store!

After Life (1998)
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Excellent, thought-provoking, 26 July 1999

Great, creative movie. In the midst of the mindless summer blockbusters, here's something new, or at least a new look at an old topic. At an ordinary-looking office building, those who have just died have one week to select one, and only one, memory from their lives to keep for the rest of eternity. This film tells the story of one group passing through and of the staff who works there. Of course, it would've been better to understand the original dialogue, but even without fully understanding the subtle nuances embedded in language, I found it a thoughtful and finely crafted film.

Funny at parts, but overall very cliched., 8 July 1999

This was definitely better than that *other* teen sex comedy to which it's been compared ("Porky's"), but the funny bits just could not make up for the series of cliches and sight gags that it was. This isn't good, self-conscious potty humor of the "There's Something About Mary" variety; this is more along the lines of little kids snickering at hearing "poo-poo." Sure, there were amusing parts, but those were so contrived (as bad scripts tend to be), the laughter wasn't of the unstoppable sides-aching type. And really, the stories behind those gags were just so cliched (not even trying to do something new and creative with old cliches!) and boringly executed, I felt like I was watching a paint-by-numbers movie. If you want a really truly funny hilarious crazy sex comedy, try Woody Allen's "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex but were afraid to ask." This achieves that racy NC-17-ness to which "American Pie" aspires, but with much more cleverness.