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The most dangerous spy story of deceit starring Timothy Hutton., 1 December 1998

This movie follows the story of Aldrich Ames, the most dangerous spy in the history of the CIA. It stars Timothy Hutton, who also played a spy in The Falcon and the Snowman. It was very interesting to see how he fell into the life of a spy and how he was able to avoid detection for some 8 years. It was also interesting to see how the CIA works from the inside, assuming that this movie is somewhat accurate in its depection. Overall, I would recommend this movie especially if you are someone who likes spy movies or movies about government ineptitude.

The Siege (1998)
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The FBI must stop Arab bombings of NYC or else they will take down the entire city., 9 November 1998

The Siege was a movie about Arab bombers who were targeting vulnerable targets in order to get their wacky agenda across. Denzel plays Hubbard, an FBI agent in charge of finding out the identity of these bombers and putting a stop to it. Annette Bening is an enigma to Hubbard. She knows a lot about the bombings, but won't tell Hubbard. He thinks she is CIA. Bruce Willis is the Army General who, upon martial law being declared, takes over the city and imprisons Arab people, irregardless of their guilt. Hubbard's partner is an Arab who has his son imprisoned. He is the character most will feel sorry for, as he is an innocent who is persecuted because of his nationality. The Arab community was mad at this film, as it portrayed them in a negative light. I can see that view, but what are you gonna do?

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Emmanuelle teaches Tasha, and others connected via virtual reality, sex., 23 October 1998

Emmanuelle and Tasha go to Vegas so that Emmanuelle can teach Tasha, and her people from space, about sex. She introduces Tasha to some guys who work at the Mirage, and they propose a double date, but not before Emmanuelle shows Tasha how great sex can be with another woman. After this, Tasha has sex with a man, so that she can become experienced in both sexes.

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The Evanses live in the ghetto and try to get by the best that they can., 7 October 1998

This show is a classic that centers on The Evans family. JJ is the artist, Michael is the militant midget who wants to be on the Supreme Court, Thelma is the sister who ends up marrying one of the Chicago Bears who never plays, James is the hard working father who keeps the kids on the straight and narrow and Florida is the mother. This is a really good show because it shows that poor families can make it in the ghetto without resorting to crime. Also Janet Jackson got her acting start here as Penny.

Dolemite (1975)
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Dolemite is released from prison to bring down a drug dealer, 7 October 1998

Dolemite is a blaxploitation film about, well, Dolemite and his army of kung fu killer women, led by Queen Bee. He fights to get his club, The Total Experience, back from Willie Green by utilizing their kung fu abilities and their devotion to him. I liked this movie because of the witty dialogue and also the use of Rudy Ray Moore's ability to preach to his brothers in rhyme.