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Shortcuts (1981)
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One of the best Czech films, 3 October 2001

A wonderful Czech classic that can be seen over and over! In my opinion, this is a film that is best understood if you are a native Czech, appreciate Czech humor and character, and like Bohumil Hrabal's "tender barbarian" style of writing. It is not so much a movie about a local brewery director, his wife and their life in the brewery that strives to be an utterly funny comedy, as it is a lovely view of Hrabal's parents, his unique uncle Pepin, and the times of "cutting it short", that brings a smile to your face and keeps it there for the duration of the film. I can understand that Postriziny can be very hard for non-Czech viewers to appreciate.

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One of the best films of 1999!, 9 April 2000

The film is fascinating and completely pulls you in. Matt Damon's performance in this dark, psychologically intense thriller is flawless. I am very disappointed and amazed that such an incredible film and all the work that had been put into making it were completely disregarded by the Academy. I expected Ripley to be up there with American Beauty...

Excellent!, 5 October 1998

Waking Ned Devine is the sweetest, funniest, most charming movie I've seen in a long time! At some scenes, you just don't know if you should laugh or cry...and ultimately end up laughing so hard that you have to wipe up your tearing eyes. The topic is funny, the development of the plot is clever, the actors are great, and the whole story feels natural (except the phone booth scene towards the end of the movie, which, however, somehow fits in this utterly crazy, yet genuine and touching comedy). Certain scenes are invaluable, e.g. Jackie and Michael's morbidly funny attempt to "rearrange" dead Ned Devine's facial expression, or Michael's desperate naked bike ride. By the way, David Kelly did a great acting job in the whole movie!

The film is set in a beautiful location and the Irish music adds a lot of character to it.

Waking Ned Devine really does make you feel like a million bucks!