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Espinas (2005)
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Hard film, 14 April 2005

This is not an easy film to sit through. Its violent, harsh and sometimes too real. The characters in this movie are not nice, and their actions are mostly painful to follow. That's probably the only problem I have with this film: this decadent and depressing Mexico has been the focus of many movies, and most of them haven't done a good job, interested more on the shock and the morbid side of things than in telling a good story or exploring important issues. But 'Espinas' manages to avoid dwelling on the decadence and manages to get it's message across.

'Espinas' was a real surprise for me; it's Julio Cesar Estrada's first film, and it was made on a shoestring budget, but the story is solid, it has some great images and the 'guerrilla style' with which it was shot works for the story. It also has some great performances, especially from Guillermo Gil and Magdalena Cataño. The photography by Arturo de la Rosa is beautiful; it really gives Mexico City an eerie and decadent atmosphere that really adds to the story.

'Espinas' will be shown in the festival circuit, and will be distributed by Videocine in Mexico later this year. Go see it if you have the chance.

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Unique film, 1 December 2001

SIN NOTICIAS DE DIOS is Agustin Diaz Yañez's second film as a director, and it shows. But the flaws of the director do not make this a bad film. A good script, great ensemble cast and solid ideas are enough to get this film off the ground. Penelope Cruz and Victoria Abril have a great on screen chemistry, and do not overshadow each other. Demian Bichir (the third corner on this triangle) is also great, completely trasformed for his role as a mexican boxer on the edge. The cast is filled with cameos and special appearances by great actors (Bruno Bichir, Emilio Gutierrez Caba, a great Cristina Marcos, etc.) but the most notable are the young Gael Garcia Bernal who get to share a couple of scenes with the beautiful -and talented- Fanny Ardant and holds his own.

Ringu (1998)
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Scary stuff!, 26 November 2000

I just saw this film and I've got to recommend it to all horror film lovers. It's very intense, even if it is quiet and very discreet. It's not splashy or gorey... but it has the public on it's toes for the whole thing, and just when you think it's all over... it just getting started. Now I just have one question: where can I get this on video or DVD (and the sequel)?

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Funny portrait of Mexico, 20 February 2000

A great film! Captures the essence of Mexico's political life, with a lot of humor and a great story. It's also a very well made... the story is perfectly constructed, the photography is beautiful and the acting is top of the line, with Demian Alcazar and Pedro Armendariz, Jr. clearly stealing the show. For Mexicans it should be a rather bittersweet experience... you can't help but laugh at the situation, but it's also so real that you can feel a little frustrated with your government. Filmed almost entirely in brown and sepia tones, to make it as close to 'black and white' as possible.

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A classic of mexican film, 21 July 1999

if you want good acting, a good story and great special effects, stay away, but if you want to have fun watching a masked mexican wrestler kick vampire butt, this is the one for you!

This is probably the most popular film starring legendary wrestler El Santo, a true classic.

Very underrated film, 16 July 1999

This has to be one of the best films of 1998, but also one of the most overlooked... Pullman gives a great performances as the world's best (and weirdest) detective, and Ben Stiller is the perfect 'straight man' to Pullman's wackiness. The script is very intelligent and funny. Very enjoyable film. Go rent it!!

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Stupid things men do for beautiful women, 16 July 1999

This is a film that should have been retitled "Stupid things men do for beautiful women". En plein Coeur is not a great film, but it is enjoyable and has some good moments and great characters, specially the one played by Carole Bouquet, a very good, strong female character, probably the best aspect of this film. Virginie Ledoyen is a beautiful and talented actress, and she proves it here with a good performances, even if the character is less than likeable.

Arabesque (1966)
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FunFunFun!!!, 15 July 1999

This film is really your standard fare of 60's espionage movies, sometimes cheesy, sometimes thrilling, but this one's always fun! The chemistry between Loren and Peck is great. She´s got the charm and *of course* the looks, but he´s the one that steals the show. His dialogues are great, and his character of Dr. Pollock is funny, witty and very fun to watch. This film is also beautifully photographed, but the characters and dialogues are the things to watch for.

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PURE ENTERTAINMENT!, 13 December 1998

Ok... so Une Chance Sur Deux is not the greatest movie ever

made! I'll give you that. It's not even Belmondo's or Delon's

best film. But it is a very, very entertaining piece of film! If

you are a fan of both this actors (like I am) you'll just love

seeing them together in action in this film. And the production

values sure help. All in all, you'll have a great two hours of

fun. Highly recommended.

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Mexico in the 60's, 13 December 1998

Los Caifanes isn't your typical movie... it's one of those films

that you either love or hate. There's nothing inbetween.Full of

color and some pretty surrealistic settings and characters, Los

Caifanes is probably one of the most representative movies on

Mexico in the 60's, which has earned it a big cult status in the

country, specially among young people. It deals with a lot of

Mexico's social issues in a very special, if not subtle, manner,

and features probably the best performances by Oscar Chavez and