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Every documentary I've seen to date.
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This my personal collection of TV series on DVD and Blu-Ray. I own the full series of most of these, with a few single seasons here and there. No, I haven't watched every episode in full... Yet!
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The weird, the wild, and the one-of-a-kind. A good time, guaranteed!
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All the stuff I should have seen by now, but haven't. May the gods of cinema forgive me.
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A collection of animated features that are solely for grown-ups.
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Terror on Tape (Billboard Publishing, 1994) is an excellent ratings and reference guide that covers some 2,000 horror titles, which were all available on VHS at the time of publication. Here are all the titles covered, in the sequence that they were originally listed.
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The most depressing films I've ever seen. Many of these are exceptionally good (Threads, Requiem For a Dream, Dancer In The Dark), but even the lesser of this batch (Baise-Moi, Combat Shock) may well leave you in desperate need of a hug by the end.
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A collection of assorted filmic guilty pleasures, Steve Miller's 150 Movies You Should Die Before You See (Adams Media, 2010) is an amusing look at trashy cinema. There are some odd choices at times (Suspiria?), but the selections are mostly on the money. Titles are presented in the order they are listed in the book.
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It's a strange, seemingly random list at times, but there are still some choice titles here and there. The doco's page can be found here: