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Blackjack (1998) (TV)
Good movie, but not the best, 20 February 1999

This movie was good, but it wasn't the best. I wasn't too impressed with the acting, except for Kam Heskin (Cinder)'s. I thought she was the best actress in the whole movie, but didn't really have too much fun stuff to do. The movie, other than lack of acting by the lead role, Dolph Lungdren's Jack, was actually pretty good, even if you don't like action movies.

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Cheesy, but cool, 20 November 1998

This movie was good, though a bit cheesy. The major characters were not too well developed, but Cristi Harris (BiBi) made the movie especially good with her innocent look but not-so innocent character. Despite its cheesiness, I'd recommend this movie to a few friends.