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Enemy (1998)
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Ok it Sucks!.... It Bites the Big One!.... however..., 31 August 1999

I apologize to the filmaking community for I shot the thing... I needed the money... I was broke.... I didn't mean to hurt anyone... ya gotta believe me! Anyway, the entire fiasco.. er I mean film, was shot for 15k and because we blew stuff up and had helicopters (donated by the National Guard), it got picked up by clever distributers who screwed the producers and packaged the film with other 'urban tales' and sold it to Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. I'm sure the buyers never even saw the film. They just saw the tagline and the video box and bit. I'm sorry if you were one of the hapless viewing victims and if it's any consolation, the producers didn't make a dime, they were fleeced by the industry, and sold cheap in hopes of broadcast sales (as if!). Anyway, 'somebody' made a killing, and as usual it wasn't the ones who worked hard on it... it was the suits! Hope our next one is better, Happy Viewing!