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So Stupidly Awful, 21 June 2016

DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE. It is one of the worst ones I have seen in years. Stupid premise, stupid plot, stupid characters, stupid EVERYTHING. This is 45 minutes of my life I will never get back (thanks to the magic of the fast forward function).

PLOT - 2; Only the last 10 minutes saved this movie from getting a 1/10.

CHARACTERS - 3; The setup was weird and the way they started developing was even more odd.

ACTION - 1; The last 10 minutes were the only action scenes of the ENTIRE MOVIE.

Please don't waste your time.

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Incredibly Funny and Sweet Show, 5 April 2011

On the surface, this TV series is the story of a girl who deals with an unrequited high school crush on a boy from the other side of the academic track. Underneath, it's an uproarious comedy that's smart, slapstick, and deep all at once. The acting won't win any Academy Awards, but the direction and timing of the episodes is impeccable. This type of romantic comedy seems have become lost in mainstream USA TV viewing. It took over 1 year to film this series, and it shows in the quality and depth of the writing and direction. My Latino wife almost bust her sides watching these episodes - this is really great viewing for the entire family, no matter your cultural background.

Apocalypto (2006)
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Total Waste of Time, 3 March 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was just plain AWFUL. I loved Braveheart. I loved The Patriot. But what in the heck was this junk?? The same plot time, except not on a grand of a scale. Personalized and micronized plot lines with no historical implications. Speaking of history, the Mayan and the landing of the first Europeans were actually hundreds of years of apart, whereas this historically shockingly plot places them together, not to mention their proximity was vastly geographically distorted. Maybe I've been spoiled by the gore porn of all the Saw-type movies, but the action sequences done in this film were kind of awful. Thin, tired, and un-interesting plot, sad characterization, bad action, and, to top it off, historical inaccuracies. I have NO idea why this movie rated so highly. Easily one of the worst movies I've seen in years.

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Too Raunchy, 28 January 2009

I liked 40-Year-Old Virgin a lot, even though Steve Carrell is usually a bit too odd for me. And Knocked Up was one of my favorites of that year, in spite of those crazy sex scenes. But this movie really pushes the envelope too far. To be fair, the funny moments in this movie were very good, and it was thoroughly enjoyable during those times. However, the balance of romance and gross overboard nastiness was not well-balanced this time, in my opinion. I think that most good movies are kept from being great by editing too much of it away. In the case of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the director, Nicholas Stoller, could probably have used Apatow's eye in the cutting room.

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You're not going to believe this (neither did I), but...this was great movie, 24 December 2007

I admit, I thought this was going to be a throw-away film. I have an all-you-can rent membership with Hollywood Video and this was the only new release left on the day I rented this title. I'm a pretty harsh critic of films, so I just knew this was going to be awful. I hadn't read much about Lindsay Lohan (sorry, not of that generation), but I knew she'd been in the news in a bad way some time ago. For the people who rate a film mainly on the actor/actress involved - get a life. Please. Don't troll here. This was a GREAT film. Take a look at my ratings history and you'll see I don't rate movies highly.

It's not Grindhouse. It was a lot better. It was almost Memento good. Really. I recommend going into this film with an open mind and you may also end up being pleasantly shocked.

Disturbia (2007)
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Just Plain Awful, 12 August 2007

DO NOT watch this film. If you watch it, you'll wonder why you didn't listen to good, free advice.

The clichés are tired, the setup for the premise of the movie was wholly unnecessary, and the writing left everything to be desired by movie's end.

I'm uncertain how this movie earned this high rating. Movie plot is painfully predictable, some of the scenes defy reality, and the Asian character was overly stereotyped.

There's hardly anything redeeming about this film. I'll never get back the 2 hours this joke for a movie took from me.

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Diversity Lacking at IMDb, 5 March 2006

There is something something missing from the Internet Movie DataBase for a long time, and I think the scoring for this particular movie has boldly illustrated the point. There is a huge lack of racial, gender, and age diversity at this site. I don't know how it can be solved, considering that the majority of this film's audience (52%) are African American females over the age of 35. Older black women, for the most part, simply do not take part in the ratings for this site. A movie that has earned almost $50 million over 2 weeks (and also the top movie in the industry during that time period) simply should not be rated a current 2.7. I am not implying racism - if you don't like the movie, you don't like the movie, especially if you cannot relate to the subject matter. However, I believe should attempt to reach a more diverse audience through its existing marketing and/or advertising channels. This movie could be to this site what Anita Hill was to the Wall Street Journal.

"Hunter" (1984)
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Excellent TV Show, 23 April 2005

This was a great show when it first aired in the 80's and it still is a great show in re-runs and on DVD. It says something about a series when it is still being aired 20 years after its original date. The production value for this show with all its action and stunt sequences was incredible. Of course, the chemistry between Fred Dryer and Stephanie Kramer was what really made this show. You were always thinking, "Are they ever going to date?" LOL - good memories. It's too bad that Stephanie Kramer had to quit the show because of health issues (kept spraining/breaking her ankle because of all the stunt work involved - surprising, considering she was a former female wrestler). Unlike the A-Team in that it had lots of hard stories, murder, blood, and violence. But very exciting to watch!

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Excellent Movie!, 12 January 2005

This is a great movie! There are so few movies out there dealing with the fantasy genre that are even half-way believable, especially with swordplay. This has the be the best fantasy movie I have ever seen. The acting is top notch and the plot, once you get past the original premise, is quite credible. The music is excellent, also, along with the visuals for its time. This is one of the true underrated gems of all time. I think it would have been one of the top grossing fantasy movies of all time (I think the live action Lord of the Ring series wasn't that good - I like the Rankin animated version much better, with he books being the best, of course), if it had been released in theaters instead of just Showtime. A must see for any fantasy fan.

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Just Plain Awful, 8 January 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm Joe Average when it comes to rating movies. I pretty much think what everyone else around me thinks about a movie. This movie stinks and almost everyone else I know who has watched it thinks it stinks. No, seriously. I admit the cameos are somewhat amusing, but that's about the extent of the entertainment. The story really doesn't go anywhere and the ending not only leaves something to be desired - it doesn't even have an ending. There's no continuity, the characters aren't exactly believable, and Jim Carrey can only do so much. Trust me - put your money back in your pocket and spend your precious 90 minutes doing something more constructive - like underwater basket weaving.

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