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Completely horrible, 10 November 2003

This is one of the worst horror films I've ever seen. The kids in this movie make every other horror movie teen look like a genius. I lost count as to how many times they just stood somewhere watching the Creeper eat someone, or watching the Creeper coming towards them. And yet every time they insisted on standing around until the last minute, when one of them would finally snap out of it and yell repeatedly at their sibling to get the hell out of there. Not even worth watching. Not a single character is believable or worth caring about. I found myself wishing the kids would just get eaten to end the movie. Their acting was terrible. The actor playing Darius had only two emotions: Confused and bewildered. And neither came off as anything other than stupid. Don't look for this kid at the Oscars anytime soon. Okay, I can't write anything else. It's a waste of my life to give this film one more minute of my time. On a scale of 1-5 stars, I'd give this a 1, and that's a gift.

Second String (2002) (TV)
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A poor man's "Replacements", 23 December 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

(SPOILERS) This movie was watchable, but not very good. My main problem with the film was the uncanny resemblance to the movie "The Replacements," starring Gene Hackman et al. This becomes most apparent in the final game, the Super Bowl. Every aspect of the game mirrors the final game in "The Replacements."

They even ripped off the whole plot involving a hotshot QB being brought in to win big game, but not listening to the coach. Even some of the dialogue as this QB complains about the second stringers is almost exactly the same. Oh, and the ending (SPOILER) is the same as well. The hotshot QB is sent walking, and replacement player Bellows comes in and brings his team back from the brink of failure to win. Big surprise there. My advice? Rent "The Replacements." Much better.