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Pixel Perfect (2004) (TV)
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Just Enjoy It!, 3 February 2004

This is just a fun movie to watch. Forget that Loretta could never exist (at least not for a LONG time) and just lose yourself in the story of a young couple realizing what they mean to each other and in overcoming obstacles in realizing their dreams. It's also about a girl (hologram, actually) coming to terms with her existence, sacrificing herself to save another and making the best she can with what life dealt her. I enjoyed it a lot!

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An excellent movie that I've enjoyed through many viewings, 26 February 2002

I suppose this is actually a B movie, but there's something about this movie that keeps me coming back to see it again every few months. Maybe it's the rather unique (for Hollywood, anyway) relationship between Meg and John. I mean, they don't even so much as kiss each other and barely touch at all! But I think they make the screen sizzle, nonetheless.

I must admit I love the action in this movie, too. Every once in a while I wonder how a small time forger learned to fight and shoot like she does, but then I blissfully ignore it and just enjoy the movie.

Great action scenes, wonderful relationship development and great acting by Mira and Yun-Fat Chow make this a movie I'm sure I'll see many more times.

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I loved it!, 24 August 1999

I know most folks didn't seem to like this movie, but I loved it! It is a swashbuckler in the old sense, with Geena in the staring role for the modern sense. If you like good action films that just let you loose yourself for a while, I recommend this one! If you're a nitpicker, forget this one.

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A Fun Family Movie, 16 September 1998

Unexpectedly, I enjoyed every moment of this movie! The misadventures this group goes through kept me laughing and on the edge of my seat through the whole movie. My favorite scene is when they had to "Sing the Blues" to get out of the bar. I thought the changing relationships depicted between the chacracters were superbly done. I highly recommend this for anyone that wants an enjoyable movie to view with family or a date.

Best D-Day Movie Made, 16 September 1998

I did not expect to like this movie as much as I did. I figured the fictional plot would be silly since there was so much that really occurred that could/should be told. But the plot allowed Spielberg to show first person not just the most realistic landing scenes ever made, but allowed him to continue into the confusion of the airborne assault the night before in a way that has never been shown before.

The haunting scene that will always remain with me is the view from the German defensive positions, showing them waiting for the ramp of the landing craft to open so they could fire their machine gun into the densely packed men on the craft.

I believe this movie should be shown in every school in the United States, every year, so our children can know what sacrifices their parents and grandparents made in the past. No movie I've seen shows this better.