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Attack (1956)
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One of the best, 21 June 2000

One of the best war films ever made, this gritty little-known gem features Jack Palance in perhaps his best role. The dynamics of a small infantry unit just about at the end of its tether in WWII Europe are portrayed extremely realistically. Eddie Albert, Lee Marvin, and Buddy Ebsen give great supporting performances.

The film is in B&W and has all the dirt and sweatiness and fear that is characteristic of really good work done in the 1950's.

No pretty boys here

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poorly done film wastes talents of some excellent actors, 16 September 1998

This film must be popular on Leonardo's bounce, because it surely has little else to offer. I'm not a huge fan of his (Romeo & Juliet was pretty good) but I can't believe the waste of such talented actors as Irons, Depardieu, Malkovich, and Byrne. They must really have needed the dough. The sets and art direction reminded me of big Hollywood films of the 50's. The plot was confusing and had little of the drama and tension of Dumas' story. And the ending, with Louis XIV portrayed as the savior of the people, was a hoot.