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Good Historical Documentary, 20 October 2003

I saw this film on PBS when it came out in 1997 and I found it was very compelling to watch. To me living history!!!!

I was very scant on Jewish and Arab history in the Middle East pre 1948 before the State of Israel was founded.

I had learned in history that Palestine was originally part of the Ottoman empire and it was lost to the British during World War 1. General Allenby of the British army walked into Jerusalem to receive the surrender of the city as well as the country. The British tried to keep the peace between the Arabs and Jews for about 30 years or so.

During the mandate there were many Jewish groups that wanted more immigration to the Holy Land because of the deteriorating conditions in Europe (the rise to power of the Nazis in 1933) but because of world politics, the immigration was cut back considerably because the British needed Arab oil (one of the reasons anyways).

This film shows the living history of the ship which was named "Exodus" which transported 4500 surviving Jews from the Holocaust in Europe to Palestine. They did not make it because of the British blockade, but the Jewish people tried to win the war through peaceful means by trying to save people rather than by terrorist means of killing the British authority.

This film shows the actual people who manoeuvered the ship Exodus (originally named the President Warfield) and showed all of the trials and tribulations that they encountered. They did not get through the British blockade, but somehow this action struck a nerve in world opinion and it swayed the United Nations to vote for the partition of Palestine into the State of Israel and Palestine.

Actually seeing pictures of the ship and the actual people who were on this ship brought the realism of this situation home to me.

Now I understand part of what the tragedy of the Middle East is and has been and it will take years, if not centuries for the peoples of two different cultures to try to come together to live in peace.

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Wow!!!!, 12 August 2003

I heard about this movie, Invasion USA, many years ago but it wasn't until this week (as a matter of fact today) that I finally got the movie to add to my video collection.

The primary reason that I had wanted to see it was that both Noel Neill and Phyllis Coates had parts in this movie. You ask, who are these actresses. Both of them played Lois Lane in the Adventures of Superman. Noell Neill played the original Lois Lane in the original Superman with Kirk Alyn in 1948.

I had heard that there was some sort of scuffle between them on this set and I wanted to see how professional actresses can overcome personal feelings between each other.

Well, the scenes that they were involved in didn't even have any connection with each other. Noell Neill was a ticket agent and had maybe 2 minutes on screen. Phyliss Coates had approximately the same amount of time but was in Colorado trying to fight the waters of the Colorado river after Boulder Dam was bombed by the "enemy".

If the United States, which is supposed to be a major super power, gets overrun in maybe a month, is really in essence, a paper tiger.

We saw some evidence of a weak and unprepared USA first at Pearl Harbor, the Vietnam war, and then September 11, 2001 in New York City.

I look up to the USA as the world protector and the champion of freedom, and I hope that the film Invasion USA will ALWAYS be classified as fiction.

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A powerful view of the holocaust, 30 June 2003

We had seen many promos on A&E throughout the last week or so about this documentary. I have seen quite a few documentaries about World War 2 and the holocaust, but this particular one, to me, was quite personal.

I am very happy that I never had to live through this ordeal and I could not even imagine what would be going through someone's brain to try and even fathom what was going on and how to survive.

This particular lady, Edith Haan, had some luck plus some opportunities to survive the war. Tragically, most of her family didn't.

She hid openly inside Germany under an assumed name, thanks to help which some of her friends gave to her, and eventually she married a Nazi Officer and remained married to him until after the war. The marriage produced one daughter (the only Jewish baby to be born during the war and survive, thanks to her mother).

I have met survivors of the holocaust and one of the first things that they tell me is the powerful guilt they feel because they survived, where others didn't. They have one MAJOR problem of discussing their ordeals because of how powerful and all consuming this tragedy was.

So this documentary shows the life, on a personal level, of Edith Haan, when she finally was able to talk about her life after the Germans invaded Austria in 1938.

I don't think that we, as civilized human beings, have the right to judge any of her decisions or actions. We all survive in our own way.

Let us hope and pray that this tragedy will never befall man ever again!!! Where man can live together with man peacefully and as the Bible says "beat their swords into plowshares".

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Pure drive-in XXXX ???????, 27 November 2001

I remember many years ago on WUTV, originating from Buffalo, New York, a bunch of us would watch the Saturday afternoon "Creature Feature" and "Monster Movies" and laugh our heads off. How ludicrous they were.

Now this was back in the late 70's, early 80's when we were "grown up", so to speak. If we had see these movies when they came out originally in the theaters or drive ins, we probably would have been scared out of our wits.

Now this movie, Earth vs the Spider, a true creature feature, stuck in my mind over many of the other ones. The scene that I remembered for years afterwards and hoped like crazy that they would show the movie again, was the scene when the band starts playing that real hot music in the gym with the spider listening in. I just couldn't believe how anyone would want to be in the same room as the spider.

I was so happy when they showed the movie, I guess, maybe a half a year later. I was ready. I set up my tape recorder and waited patiently for that particular scene and when I got that music on tape, I got REALLY excited!!!!!!

That was the only thing that I had from that movie until about 3 months ago. I found a video store that had the movie!!!!! I couldn't wait to bring it home and play it in order to find out what was the rest of the movie all about.

Yes I did remember all about the spider itself and how it reeked havoc in a small town in the middle of nowhere. I remembered about the useless sheriff, Gene Roth, and his attitude towards the townsfolk and the kids (funny he plays a lot of those kind of parts). Plus I remembered the fellow who played Mr. Kingman, the "hero". He used to play Commander Corry in Space Patrol which was on television in the very early 50s.

The scene with the band in the gym with the spider and the drama class still was very powerful. I just couldn't get over how funny it was.

To me, that made the whole movie a joy to watch!!!!

For Saturday afternoon fun, where you don't have to think, rent this one!!! You won't be disappointed!!!!

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What have we learned in 23 years plus?????, 4 November 2000

With the tragedy in the Middle East unfolding more and more each day, I was looking through my movies and decided to look at this movie once again.

The same thing happens day in and day out, year in and year out--the tragedy between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

This movie, of course is ficticious, but to demonstrate their cause, the Palestinians, with the help of a deranged Vietnam War veteran (played exquisitely by Bruce Dern), decide to show America that they (the Americans) can be quite vulnerable to a terrorist attack--the attack taking place at the Super Bowl.

With the aid of the Israeli intelligence (played by Robert Shaw), the attack is thwarted.

This movie shows all of the intelligence work behind the scenes so that we can "feel" safe. The question is: are we really safe? In reality, terrorists were successful in blowing up the World Trade Center.

This movie does not take sides as far as the Palestinian/Israeli causes, but it presents the ongoing battle between the parties.

The MAJOR question is: CAN the Israelis and Palestinians find some way to live together in peace or will we see a continuation of terrorist activities in the world so that this movie, one day, could be reality?

Slap Shot (1977)
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Utterly, Utterly, 28 October 2000

For some reason or another, I felt I had to rent the movie Slap Shot. I really don't know why but Saturday afternoon was spent watching it instead of doing other more important (?) things.

This film came out in the 70's at about the same time as the Philadelphia Fliers (more to the point the Broad Street Bullies) were using the same rough house tactics as was depicted in this movie

One of the big jokes that came out at this time was "I went to the fights and a hockey game broke out".

This movie comments on the life of a hockey player and what goes on behind the scenes in the front office as well as how hockey players are at the mercy of the owners. The owners can do just about anything to make a buck and the poor hockey player is just a piece of meat. Maybe the baseball players have the right ideas as far as being free agents after a specific period of time.

Some of the funniest scenes are with those Hansen brothers chewing up the rink, the opposing players and the opposing fans. I'd like to see the scene where they are coming into Hyannisport on the buses, being met by irate fans and the busloads of hockey players and the cheering sections pulling moons out the windows, happen in actual fact.

The piece de resistance is the final strip scene on the ice. It made about as much sense as all the fights that were and had been taking place in all of the games with the new Charleswood Chiefs. Simply amazing!!!!!

This movie is a must see for just about everyone--if you don't mind the swearing and brief nudity and explicit language and violence. It's just a comment on the reality of a hockey player's life.

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One of the Funnier Ones, 21 October 2000

I originally saw this flick about 15 years ago (could have been more) on a TV special and it stuck in my mind completely. I'd watch The Three Stooges religiously on television, especially Saturday morning to hopefully see it. Unfortunately I never saw it again until it was released on video and I quickly added it to my collection a couple of weeks ago.


Supposedly this island that they have landed on is still in the middle ages They are dressed in modern navy garb, while the governor (Vernon Dent) and others are dressed in middle ages dress. At first the governor doesn't recognize the modern navy dress and refuses to believe that they are sailors.

I guess this could be an historical comment when Rita (Christine McIntyre) enters the room and the Three Stooges whistle at her. The governor states that yes they are definitely sailors.

Another funny situation is still in the governor's chamber where he sentences the Three Stooges to death because they whistled at his betrothed. So the governor asks in what way they wish to die and Larry states "old age". Here Moe is ready to give him a slap across his kisser (which he does innumerable times) but the tall guard beats him to it. Moe thanks the guard.

This story supposedly is, like I stated before, taking place in the middle ages. So how come, when Rita comes to help the boys escape, she shows the boys modern day utensils, such as a jack hammer, electricity, axes, chisels etc. hidden under the mattress. It adds to the nonsense and classic Three Stooges mania. JUST LOVE IT!!

Rita gets the boys dressed up in eastern garb and Curly is the Maharajah of Canarsy. He and Moe meet the governor and offer him gifts. The funny thing is, in this scene, that Moe is supposedly a translator to Curly, and he is talking to Curly in english and because Curly doesn't cooperate completely, Moe slaps him on numerous occasions and the governor is oblivious to all of this.

The final scene takes place in Black Louie's Pirates Den where Curly is enticed into a knife throwing contest with Black Louie himself, Larry being the target.

The piece de resistance was the old pinball machine with its unique TILT applicator (I'm laughing as I am writing this), a huge mallet that comes down and conks the player on the head for cheating at pinball. Larry uses this machine to his advantage in the final melee that takes place.

I find it funny how Moe gets into a picture and knocks the bad guys out with a pendulum that was taken from the clock hanging on the wall.

The clanking on a pipe, when someone gets hit on the noggin adds to this very humorous Three Stooges short.

A MUST SEE for Three Stooges fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not too shabby, he cried, 7 September 2000

This is the second Godzilla movie I have seen in the movie theaters, the first one was Godzilla 1985.

I must admit that the special effects and camera work were outstanding. Even the rubber suits were simply out of this world (no pun intended).

The alien monster reminded me a lot of the aliens from the movie ALIENS starring Sigourney Weaver.

One thing that brought back the memories from the early Godzilla movies from the 50's and 60's was the famous Toho-Godzilla music and the English dubbing. The thing I missed were the toy tanks and the "sophisticated" weaponry. Another item that was clearly missing was the famous line that was given by many of the Army generals in previous films and that was "Evacuate Tokyo".

I must be an oldies nut because I really enjoy the very early Godzilla movies, especially Godzilla, King of the Monsters which came out in 1956. Godzilla was actually destroyed in that movie by a Japanese scientist. The special effects that they had at that time were in no way comparable to Godzilla 2000, but the whole story and what they had to do in that film to get rid of Godzilla were to me quite believable and quite possible.

Godzilla 2000 was very enjoyable and maybe in a few years I'll watch it again when it comes out on video.

Dig that C-O-O-L focussing disintegrating ray gun, Daddy-o, 4 September 2000

I have now seen this movie maybe 7 or 8 times and every once in a while, it brings a little tear to my eye. In a way, it's a tragic love story between our earth lady Betty Morgan (Dawn Bender) and our teenager from outer space with a conscience, Derek (Tom Graeff).

After learning that Thor (Bryant Grant) has remained behind to hunt for him and also learning that the gargon herds are going to be brought to earth for grazing and feeding purposes, we know that Derek would have to do something very spectacular and conclusive to stop this invasion of earth from another planet. In other words, he had to sacrifice himself. A tragic hero.

Thor is a story in himself. He is the most belligerent of all the teenagers and it is he that doesn't spare the use of the focussing disintegrator ray gun in order to spoil or spare the animal or human. As far as I feel, I think he was the most realistic character in the whole movie.

Now to the spacecraft captain (King Moody). It took me a little while to recognize that the spaceship captain was the same person that played a real nutty character, Shtarke, on Maxwell Smart some 10 years later. Here was one guy that played two completely different characters.

All in all this is an interesting movie. It doesn't compare to standards of today, but I would place it alongside "EARTH vs THE FLYING SAUCERS"--another interesting movie of the time.

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And on, and on, and on, and on, 31 August 2000

WOW!!! I have never seen such a slugfest. And the interesting thing is the both the hero, Richard Webb and the bad guys, Lane Bradford and John Crawford just keep taking a licking and keep on ticking. There are more punches thrown in the 12 chapters than in a heavyweight championship match. There are also more people being tossed around and wrestled to the ground than in a championship wrestling match. Within minutes, after our hero has been pummeled senseless, he is back chasing the bad guys.

I never saw any serials in the movies as I was growing up, but to me it would be very frustrating to see about 15 to 20 minutes of film and the last scene of the chapter has our hero in some dire life and death situation. If I had seen this in the movies, I would have to wait at least a week to find out how our hero Lane Carlson (the future Captain Midnight) was able to survive the ordeal and come back with a vengeance in the next chapter to try and apprehend the bad guys.

Thanks to video, I don't have to wait a week, or even an hour. It just depends on what mood I'm in and that determines whether I can sit through the "excitement" of the next chapter.

It was very interesting to see John Hamilton (the future Perry White of Superman) in this movie, even though he had a bit part.

All in all, the movie is interesting enough to hold my attention for all 12 chapters. I think I'll save it for a rainy day. Bring on the popcorn please.

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