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Clockers (1995)
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Spike Lee can do better than this, 20 April 1999

"Clockers" is a disappointing effort from Spike Lee. It is brilliantly filmed and well acted but it marks a decline from the works that made Spike Lee famous such as "Do The Right Thing" and "Jungle Fever". These were much more powerful films which were more controversial and thought provoking. Clockers is too repetitive and becomes uninteresting, a contrast to the must-sees of Lee's earlier career. The cast is full of people that have done better jobs in other Spike Lee films such as John Turturro. There is almost a feeling that this film has been made just for the sake of making a film about drugs on the streets rather than offering any real messages. For Spike Lee at his brilliant best check out "Do The Right Thing", "Malcolm X", and "Jungle Fever".

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One to look out for from the old school., 17 April 1999

The Arsenal Stadium Mystery is a largely forgotten black and whiter from the thirties. It covers the murder of a football player in the magnificent Highbury stadium in North London. The twist is that the murder is of a player who collapses during a match therefore making it difficult to work out whodunnit. Interesting for English football fans aswell as it stars some of the Arsenal players of the time; Arsenal being England's greatest football team of all time.

Bad Girls (1994)
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Shows why Westerns don't cut it any more, 17 April 1999

I think Bad Girls shows why westerns failed to really cut it in the 1990s. The genre looks outdated here and in many other attempts by the Hollywood studios to revoke interest in the early 1990s. Here they have tried to create a twist by substituting the norm of cowboys being male to an all-girl quartet on the run. It fails to really get past this idea and is unable to debunk western values. For instance although they are supposed to be able to stick up for themselves Drew Barrymore's character resorts to her gender(and the sheriff's weakness) to rescue her friend from jail. Although Barrymore may have looked nice the film does little to prove much about western or gender values. It debunks nothing. Mildly better is Pfeiffer in The Quick And The Dead which provides greater solid entertainment and less hype about how good four Hollywood stars look dressed up as cowboys.

Sugarhill funny, 17 April 1999

It seems as if everyone else has already commented on this film so I think I'll be brief. The film was good but perhaps not as brilliant as some of the other comments have suggested. The soundtrack stayed away from many of the real 80s howlers. The best moments had to be the audition with the dude singing Ladies Night stretching "sophisticated mama" to new dimensions and even better the reference to the Sugarhill Gang's Rappers Delight when the old woman has a go at rapping the intro; this was inspired stuff as it brought in a link with the first ever hiphop record at the beginning of the 80s.

Klute (1971)
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Lost in art, 19 March 1999

Klute is essentially a good film which is not undeserved of the praise it has received but it seems to have almost gone too far. It is almost too arty and although this is admirable it makes the film a difficult watch. Sutherland and Fonda do a good job of it but the film is too conscious of the suspicious seventies and this makes the film slightly dreary and dull.

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Steve Martin's best film?, 19 March 1999

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels expertly brings together two big name actors into something that is better than your run of the mill star vehicle. Caine is as usual brilliant in his half of a story of two crooks conning the rich out of their fortunes; there is no surprise there then. Steve Martin's performance is a surprise because he pulls of a good, solid, performance which is a visible departure from some of his other comedies, such as House Sitter and Father Of The Bride. The film is good fun and although not a classic it is well worth a watch.

Malcolm X (1992)
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Engrossing effort from Spike Lee, 19 March 1999

Although this is clearly not Spike Lee's best film which is without doubt the brilliant "Do The Right Thing", Malcolm X is an engrossing film which manages to captivate you for three hours. The film's first hour is disappointing, especially the stereotypical zoot suit scenes, but is necessary to set the scene for what is to come. Following Malcolm's autobiographical text the film deals with the turbulent career of this often controversial leader. On a parallel with the film Denzel Washington in the lead role improves as it goes on, pulling off Malcolm's mannerisms very effectively. Even if you don't agree with some of the politics that the film presents this film really is captivating and shows Lee at his best. It also gives people that don't know the Malcolm X story access to his life and beliefs.

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Bad Ryan/Baldwin vehicle., 19 March 1999

Prelude to a Kiss was a pretty poor film. Ryan played a role which seemed similar to other films she's been in while Baldwin's effort was nothing to write home about. The weird storyline was never going to work. Admittedly this genre of film is not my favourite anyway but it seems to me it didn't take much to realise the problems and therefore I was disappointed.

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One of the best TV movie comebacks ever filmed., 19 March 1999

Of all the TV movies that BBC and ITV provide in England late at night usually after you've had a few beers this film is clearly one of the better ones. Especially after Selleck's release from prison, the film fills the "eleven o'clock back from the pub" slot with ease. It deserves such praise due to Sellecks phenominal comeback when it seems like he has been beaten by the bad guys, down and out he leaps from nowhere to save the day.

Face/Off (1997)
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Stop criticising it because you liked it really, 24 February 1999

It seems that many people have got bad things to say about Face/Off. The implausibility of the plot filled with ridiculous loopholes is the main bone of contention. The point I would like to make is that all the people who criticised it probably watched it all the way through. Obviously the storyline is flawed but who cares as long as its entertainment even if that entertainment is at superficial rather than on a serious level. The film, if overlong, is good value. Not a classic but not something that should be so violently condemned. Too many people are getting too high and mighty. It doesn't take much IQ to realise its faults but give the film a break and enjoy it at a light hearted level.

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