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ethereal..., 17 June 1999

A very interesting story. I think this film could have been so much more with a bigger budget. In my opinion, this was a very marketable movie idea with not enough financial backing. I would have liked to have seen more of Christopher Walken and even more chilling special effects throughout. The dialogue was a little dry, but was saved by the great cast. This movie is worth seeing at least once. It would have been better to see on the big screen but was only released direct-to-video in the U.S.

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One of the sweetest stories ever told., 5 March 1999

Based on Patricia MacLachlan's novel which won the prestigious Newbery Award, given to the author of the year's finest children's book. Jacob, (Walken) a widowed father, still mourning his wife's death, decides to place an advertisement for a new wife, for his own sake and for his two children. Sarah, (Close) a "plain and tall" woman from Maine answers. She promises to stay for a trial period of thirty days to see if she can "maks a difference" for this family. Jacob must come to peace with his wife's death in order to allow Sarah into his life. Sarah must overcome homesickness and learn the ways of prairie life. The chemistry between Walken and Close onscreen is phenomenal. This is a very touching story and the casting is absolutely perfect.

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Hilarious!, 16 February 1999

I must admit that reviews for Blast From The Past were not good here, so I was expecting to be disappointed - but exactly the opposite is true. This is truly a good, clean, funny movie. Absolutely charming. Special applause for Mr. Walken's performance as he completely stole the show as the wacky father-from-another-era. The guy's a chameleon. I loved it and will probably go see it again! A+

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Play Within A Play, 18 November 1998

An early work for actors Christopher Walken, Susan Serandon, and director Jonathan Demme. A great story adapted from Kurt Vonnegut. This is a very sweet story of two shy people finding each other and expressing themselves through commonly known dialogue from different plays. An adorable pair with great chemistry.

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Mysterious and wicked, 18 November 1998

I could not help but thinking of the old children's story of Hansel and Gretel. This time, Hansel and Gretel are grown up and get lost in Venice - the witch - being played chillingly by Christopher Walken as "Robert" - a rather strange man who lures the couple to dine with him and then later to stay at his house. You will notice that Robert always has one hand in his pocket. Very mysterious and wicked.

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A Marvelous Classic Tale, 16 November 1998

Although this was obviously a low-budget production, the performances and the songs in this movie are worth seeing. One of Walken's few musical roles to date. (he is a marvelous dancer and singer and he demonstrates his acrobatic skills as well - watch for the cartwheel!) Also starring Jason Connery. A great children's story and very likable characters.

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A quirky, dark satire, 13 September 1998

This movie seemed to be a snowballing sequence of mishaps - similar to what happens in "After Hours" from 1985. Things keep getting worse for the main character, but it kept me intrigued. Dennis Hopper is an interesting character in this one. As usual, Chris Walken steals the show as a business man and somewhat "off-kilter" character who enjoys an evening of Karaoke. I would recommend it to people who enjoy strange movies. Personally, I enjoyed it.