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Excellent and Fun Family Movie, 17 February 2000

I must say that this was a very enjoyable movie and would recommend it for the whole family.

Here is a ghost story that builds on the idea that trust is a good thing and even though you may reside in different worlds you can still bond with each other and help in a time of need.

A modern boy keeps seeing a ghost girl, about his same age, and discovers that the little girl cannot rest in peace until she solves a riddle. Even though it may be dangerous and the little boy will end up losing the ghost girl as a friend if he succeeds in solving the it he agrees to help. He gets help from a new neighbor friend who is also the same age and their off to the races. They have only until holloween to solve the riddle of "The Child of Glass"

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Powerful, Dramatic, Terrifying, 12 January 1999

This powerful performance given by Joanne Woodward really established her as a top actress and not just another pretty Hollywood face.

She gave a dramatic performance of Eve a troubled young woman whose life developed three separate distinct personalities. Ms. Woodward was able to play all three parts and lead the viewer to believe that she was each and every one. Her ability won her an academy award and left the viewer terrified, "Could this happen to me."

Billie (1965)
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Billie is a high school girl who joins a boys track team back in 1965, 11 October 1998

This is an excellent family film. Billie is a high school girl who joins a boys track team in a time when things like this just wasn't done. Lots of smiles and laughs. Great entertainment for everyone. Rates up there with Disney's Parent Trap. It stars Patty Duke when she was still a child star. Highly recommended.

Steve Kaden

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EXCELLENT family movie. Fun and light-hearted., 28 September 1998

The Parent Trap is one of those ageless family movies. It is light-hearted and filled with down-to-earth humor. Without a doubt you will see this listed as one of those Disney classics.

This is a must see for the whole family but especially for those children with the vivid imagination.

Steve Kaden