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The Barber (2002)
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Technical flaws mar movie, 14 September 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a spoiler of certain aspects of the plot. At the risk of repeating another's observations, numerous technical flaws plagued this movie to the point that it was just not possible to suspend belief. In the opening scene, the two hunters kill the mountain in broad daylight and discover the first body; yet in the the rest of the movie "daytime" is in perpetual darkness. If this is indeed far northern Alaska in the "dead of winter" why are they running around in cowboy hats, no parkas, no gloves? We dress warmer than that in Missouri and it seldom gets into single digits. A town of 200 would not likely have its own police force because it would not have enough tax base to support one. It would likely be served by a county sheriff or state police -- and it certainly would not have a medical examiner. The FBI would not be called in on the case -- no jurisdiction. The character gets shot in the back at close range with the shotgun, which causes his shirt to tear in the front. Yet when he is shown on the autopsy table, his chest is wound-free. A shotgun blast that close would have made hamburger of his chest.

A delightful surprise, 3 December 2001

Having been urged to see this movie from several friends, I wasn't sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised -- more like captivated -- by the story as it played out. The performances were great -- especially George Clooney. It was witty, clever and a lot of fun, not the least of which was trying to figure out which scenes in the movie corresponded to events in the Odyssey.

Shrek (2001)
An amazing accomplishment, 28 May 2001

It would be refreshing to occasionally watch an "Eddie Murphy" movie that doesn't resort to bathroom humor and fart jokes to get laughs but, having said that, Shrek is a "must see" for grown ups and older children. Hint to parents: Leave children under 7 at home. The creators of the film did an amazing job with the computer-generated animation with incredible detail and accuracy. Viewers probably will want to see it several times to catch everything.

Fight Club (1999)
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Strong start but falters at the end, 3 April 2001

Having heard about the violence and "dark qualities" of this film I was hesitant to watch it but finally decided I could always stop watching if I didn't like it. I was pleasantly surprised at the humor, good writing and direction. And the themes presented give a lot of food for thought. The impact of the movie hinges on a "surprise ending" that reminds one of The Sixth Sense. Unfortunately, the movie was not crafted well enough for this ending to "hang together". There are a couple of scenes with Brad Pitt and the "Narrator" that totally ruin the credibility of this surprise ending. But, aside from that, the movie is well worth the time invested to watch it.

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Who cares what the critics think?, 4 March 2001

Cannery Row the film captures with warmth and humor the wonderful tale told by John Steinbeck in his novels "Cannery Row" and "Sweet Thursday." The casting is perfect. Nick Nolte IS Doc, Debra Winger IS Suzy and the character actors that portray "Mack and the boys" appear to have been born to the roles. The soundtrack is wonderful, Rent it!

Sky rockets in flight...., 18 March 2000

This is a great little movie. Celebrates the human spirit and that special quality that is able to lift some above the crowd and succeed despite what seem to be overpowering odds. The dialogue is great, the directing is great. Wonderful blend of humour and drama (a little over the top in spots though).

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Interesting performances hidden in lightweight movie, 30 January 2000

Blast From the Past, it's a rather harmless but cute, slightly silly movie. What makes it really worth watching are two great performances by Sissy Spacek and Christopher Walken as the parents. They are truly wonderful. The most annoying thing in the movie was the almost obligatory insertion of a gay character. I liked the sweet, truly nice character played by Brendan Frasier. The science in the movie has some problems but it's possible to suspend belief and just enjoy it.

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Couldn't tear myself away!, 7 November 1998

A rivting film with great dialogue. Good drama with just enough humor and interesting plot twists. Appreciated the restraint by screen writers in the amount of the bad language. Would be a perfect double feature with "Chinatown".

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Excellent, 7 November 1998

Well-written, clever, heartwarming, funny and basically sweet story of two people very much in love