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NOW, I get it!!!, 20 September 2017

There aren't any episode numbers for the various shows that have and will be shown. So, I'll have to point to the Sept. 19, 2017 episode to explain when "I Got It". I've never really like Scientology. I've always seen it as a cult. And over the years watching Hollywood getting so fervently involved added to that thinking. So when I saw the first episode of Leah Remini's show on the subject. I had to see what she had to say. Leah Remini is a very serious thorn in the side of Scientology. And I found Leah to be a compelling critic. I enjoyed just listening to her. It took until Sept 19th for the real reason that there are cracks in the united front that Hollywood has put forth in the past. So what has Scientology done wrong? Is there something theologically wrong? Are they physically or psychologically harming children? Do they practice Satanic rites or human sacrifice? NO, the church supported Prop 8 in California. The proposition against legalizing homosexual marriage! The one unforgivable thing in Hollywood! Paul Haggis. Who has two homosexual daughters, suddenly realized the church was evil after he found out about that support. Where have we heard that one before This one episode has seriously discredited this whole series for me. Hollywood is attempting to make outcasts, and probably criminals, eventually. Out of anyone who doesn't fully support the gay agenda. Something actors just can't allow that to happen. I don't care one way or another about homosexuals. Especially if they mind their own business are don't act like everyone in the world wants to know what they do in the bedroom, bar bathrooms, or amusement parks. Scientology goes against my grain because I was raised a Catholic. But suddenly attacking a once fervently supported belief, over something as superficial as homosexuality, is sad.

Answering Crackpot Reviews!, 22 August 2017

This is a fun show to watch! Can't be sure how it came about. But, one thing is sure. Wayne Carini is a successful purveyor of exotic, classic, and unusual cars. All through the many seasons of the show. We get a glimpse into this Connecticut Car Dealer. A man who doesn't wait for people to bring cars to him. He goes to them. And many times it's not for him to purchase cars. Many times he's going to inspect the cars because the sellers want him to represent them at any one of the many high-end auctions scattered around the country every year. He has a vast background in automobiles and motorcycles, going back to his teen years. He's been buying and selling cars for decades and many people rely on his experience and connections to represent them at high-end auctions. He helps them deal with the auction houses, he also attends the auctions. And he speaks with his customers while the auction is going on. He advises them on when they should decide to withdraw or not, any reserve that might be part of the auction. He also advises them when they've reached a good price for their vehicles. Based on his knowledge of the various markets. I've seen some"Crack Pot" reviews on this show. Reviews trying to attach silly economic and political connotations to the course of this show as it has moved along over the years. In one particularly disgusting example of a false premise is the review "Symbolic of the Trashed Economy". This is clearly someone who does not understand the history or premise of the show. The show is about atypical cars. Cars the average person doesn't get to see. It's not a restoration show. He does have a great crew of talented fabricators, upholsterers, body men, and mechanics. Including Roger Barr a Championship Driver and knowledgeable mechanic himself. Unlike restoration shows where a car is followed through the process of putting it back on the road. This show treats us to a side of the sale of cars we don't usually get to see. And we also to get to hear many interesting histories of featured cars and their owners. And lastly, "the Trashed Economy" reviewer thinks cars not garnering the money that is asked or estimated is some kind of statement about the national economy. Anyone who's watched any auto auctions of any kind would know that cars frequently do not sell for what is asked or estimated. Car prices are based on what the market will bear. And those prices are based on rarity, condition, and model. This is an excellent show on its own merits. A good host, interesting cars, interesting stories, and visits to high-end auctions. Nothing political. Just good entertainment.

Come ON Kitty!!, 18 August 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I liked everything to do with Matt, Chester, and the Doc. Even the banker's character was good. But Kitty's role was terrible. I'm surprised Amanda Blake didn't look for a re-write. Her character's actions were schizophrenic First, she spends all the time she's with the robbers antagonizing and threatening them. Then when Matt and Chester show up and shoot both the men who were holding her. Does she bolt? No, she stands by just looking at the two dead/wounded men. And when one of them starts moving and then heading for his gun. She just watches him pick up his gun and slowly turn the barrel toward her. The only thing that saves her is Matt finally shoots the guy again. All she had to do was take two steps back and one step to her right. And she would have been behind the corner of the building. Kitty's character is supposed to be a strong business woman They seem to have forgotten that in this episode. This was uninspiring writing, to say the least. I know they only have a half hour. But that's no excuse for episodes like this. And I'm a huge Gunsmoke fan. But not of this episode.

Change those parts!, 21 July 2017

These guys do good work. The results of their work look good and has good fit and finish. But you don't see the same kind of metal craftsmanship you see on shows like Fantomworks, Overhaulin, Bitchin Rides, and Wheeler Dealers. On those shows, they actually form and weld metal. They make huge modifications to the actual metal of the cars. These guys replace parts. In this episode, they bought a truck and threw everything away. They even go out and buy another whole cab from yet another truck. Not even the frame of the original truck is used. They bought a brand new frame, all new fenders, doors, tailgate, bed, trim, window glass. Even the engine was replaced. It hard to think of something that was refurbished for this truck. Maybe the dash, or the steering column. I'm not even sure if they used the original seat frames. When they finish. The work always looks good. They do good work. But they tend to work with new parts over restoring cars like the shows I mentioned earlier. Anyone like me, who like watching cars being worked on will like this show. Most of the people on-camera are fun to watch.

Where did they find these people. Most are pathetic whiners., 20 July 2017

This is without a doubt the biggest bunch of weaklings they ever put out in the wild to play this game. When I heard they were going to use teams I thought well that's going to make it too easy. I was wrong. If anything having someone else to complain to is making things worse! But the thing I'm seeing that bugs me the most is these guys just sitting around under a plastic tarp. And thinking that's what survival is. In all the other seasons most of the competitors starting building things almost immediately. A good shelter with a pallet up off the ground. And even build things just to amuse themselves. A couple built boats. Everyone but the woman is just sitting around feeling sorry for themselves. I can't figure out how the producers chose these people. Very little of what's being done by these people could be called field craft at all. And they're all acting like they didn't give any thought to any of what they agreed to. Most are home sick. And it hasn't even been two weeks. These people don't even have the sense not to sleep on the ground in a rain storm. Especially on a hill. There are a few words I could use to describe these people. But wouldn't like it. So I'll just say this is a very sad look at American's ability to save themselves if they ever had to for more than couple days. The last season had people in the field for 90 days. And even then those people didn't give up. They were ordered in by the medical people for extreme weight loss. THis group is pathetic. The only one who gets off her ass and does the kinds of things you have to do survive and avoid the psychological problems. Is Brooke. She and her companion are doing it right. And will almost certainly be the last team standing. All the others are just looking for excuses to quit.

"Our best flip yet!", 18 July 2017

This something these flippers, and all flippers for that matter say. But, in this particular case. They were right! This was an absolutely beautiful redo. When they opened up the floor plan of this mid-century gem. They bumped this house into another category. From a nice re-do. To a spectacular home that anyone would be proud to call home. And even though this is a relatively small home. It turned out incredible. Who needs a sprawling mansion? Especially when you could have this little beauty. Christine is an amazing designer. And Tarek knows when to listen to her. Tarek really does know the real estate business. And doesn't hesitate to get his hands dirty. He really good at laying tile too. Keep up the good work Christine & Tarek.

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Cringe-worthy!, 8 July 2017

This was a terrible way to start what became the sixth and final season. I'm surprised Richard Boone agreed to perform this script and I'm equally surprised that William Conrad agreed to direct. Don't get me wrong. I'm a big fan of both Richard Boone and this iconic show. But this one was a clinker. The idea of this story-line isn't a bad one. They struggle to tell us the origins of the Paladin name. But the story they came up with is hard to watch, even for a big fan. The story opens with Paladin being attacked by a young man with a gambling debt. Paladin, of course, survives the attack. And after what amounted to a really vicious attack. He sits down with the man who attacked him and gave him the history of Paladin. When you watch this episode see if you deal with someone who shot at, and attacked you in this way. What was even more preposterous was Richard Boone playing a duel role. It just didn't work. The makeup was pretty good. But there's covering up that voice. For me, it just did not work at all. And in the end was a silly story. But, I think what I most resented about this story was the way they handled the character of the man called Paladin. It had previously been established that Paladin was West Pointe educated Army officer. And educated and honorable man. But in this episode, they make him a much smaller gambling addicted man who is clumsy with a gun. And who has is kept trapped while he is given instructions on how to become more handy with a gun. I found myself cringing as this story unfolded because I am a fan of the show. There's a stunt in this story that is completely ridiculous. Watch for it. And see if you think anyone could survive and be talking afterward.

Frightening Experience with Local Law Enforcement!, 29 June 2017

The local sheriff's department, in this case, let this family down from the first moment of this case. The sheriff's department's decision to make the family wait 24 hours may have prevented finding the young girl in the case alive. They then did the most amateurish search of the missing girl's car that it was rendered useless as a piece of evidence. The family had to call the FBI, the sheriff's office did not. But any evidence the sheriff's office had was so badly handled it was useless. Which made his and his wife's appearance in this episode so surprising. There was no explaining away the mistakes made by his department. After all this, it's hard to imagine they could foul up any worse. Well, then they brought the case to court against the wrong man. The local detective said things on the stand that caused a mistrial. Which was a good thing for the man they had accused! Finally, years later a cold case detective got involved. His investigation led to the proper person being charged. But the bad stuff doesn't stop there. Not only did they wind up letting the vicious murderer plead to a lower charge. It was later determined that the defense attorneys were holding back information. Important information. The sheriff and everyone associated with that office should be ashamed of themselves. And they needed retraining. But to me, the most disgusting actions were those of the defense attorney associated with the 2002 case. He should have face some form of punishment.

Funny Face (1957)
Genuine Class!, 27 June 2017

I'm not sure there were many women who could have pulled off this film in such an amazing fashion (sorry for the pun). This was more a celebration of Audry, then anything else. And she was somehow simple and radiant at the same time. The story is familiar. The simple shop girl is discovered by simple happenstance. At first, she resists. And then she dives in, head first. But there's also the May - December story line between Fred Astaire and Audry. But, just looking at Audry in all the different settings and costumes is worth the price of admission. Of course with Fred Astaire, there are several dance numbers and songs. And they are a cheerful addition. But it all still comes down to Audry. And this is a great film for serious Audry fans. We get to see so many different images of Audry. The first costume we see her in after losing her bookstore duds, combined with her natural beauty. Is jaw-dropping. While watching this film of this amazing woman. It should be remembered that in spite of her natural attributes. She was carrying and unaffected human being. Her work with UNICEF. The work she did for that agency saved many lives. She genuinely cared for the people she was trying to help.

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Unexpected turn!, 19 June 2017

And interesting start to the beginning of the last season of what has been a well written. And well-acted look at some of the little-known things that went on behind the scenes of the Revolutionary War. Benedict Arnold is settling in, in his new uniform. For a traitor, he has maintained a high opinion of himself. Even after the British went back on their deal with him. And while he has a title it means little with the British not respecting him. This episode also seems to be turning another corner I found it difficult to listen characters bad mouthing President Washington and Martha. It appears that the politics of today are bleeding over into the way the writers are dealing with General Washington and his wife.

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