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Should have been good., 27 September 2015

This series fooled me completely. Since it came from the people that are behind the "Cold Justice" show. This show is structured in much the same way as its sister show, "Cold Justice". But in "Cold Justice" the two female hosts have different backgrounds. In "Cold Justice", we have a former prosecutor and a former crime-scene investigator. While this shows hosts are both former prosecutors that specialized in rapes. Where this show goes wrong is. Every show is basically the same. The show opens with the former prosecutors meeting the cops at the next city they've decided to help. After that the routine starts. While every week has a different victim/victims. The investigations are all the same. Every week. The show consists of about 45 minutes of people associated with the case being questioned (and crying - a lot). Then the investigators call the DNA lab and get the results to see if they have a case. If they do get a match. Everybody applauds and cries. If the results are negative everybody is sad. Either way they then move to where they talk to the victim/victims. And that is always another opportunity for the hosts, the cops, and the victims to cry again. I have all the sympathy in the world for these victims. But I don't think this is good television. "Cold Justice" is a great show because the crimes all have differences. And the investigations have a lot of variations. And that's what makes a show like this interesting. With this show. They managed to make a crime investigation show tedious.

HooRay for Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz!!!, 1 September 2015

What a relief! I mean it's a relief to be free of the whole Matt Damon thing. Jason Bourne was rightly retired for this one. And hopefully, the producers will continue with Aaron Cross for at least another film. He's great in this one. He turns in a great performance in the lead. There wasn't an instant that I thought about the previous lead. Moving onto to the second lead Rachel Weisz. She was fantastic. She was very believable in her role as a research scientist. A scientist who caught up in something she has no comprehension of. And unlike some other films where they try to make the female lead a Ninja. Rachel as Dr. Marta Sheering is beautiful, smart, and while can be rattled. She able to recover and aid Aaron Cross in his effort to save himself, and her. There's lots of action in this tense thriller. It involves an agency that has decided to shut down a program. And the effects of this decision are what this movie's about. There's a lot of talent playing subordinate roles in this film. Which further enhances the enjoy of this film. There's been a lot of discussion of the amount of technical jargon used in this film. Some feel that the story is vague and scattered. For my money I thought this was one of the better action thrillers. And the caliber of acting elevates the story. And gives you characters you really come to care for. And you want to see them safe. There have many big films that don't give you a hero that in the end you really care about. I'm Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz fan from now on. I'll be going back though their work to see what else I've missed. I was surprised. I didn't see this film until three years after it was released. And I loved it.

More Leftist Claptrap!, 26 August 2015

This is what Hollywood has become. There cannot be any North Korean enemies, Russian enemies, Chinese enemies, or God forbid Islamic Terrorists. Hollywood has turned on their own country. It now routinely uses Americans, American governmental agencies, and American law enforcement agencies as enemies in their movies. This film has a man with a cancer as the leader of a group ultra right wing extremists. These extremists bring the entire country to a standstill while they occupy the White House. Political correctness has so infected Hollywood they can't make movies anymore about real enemies. They have to create American ones. We've even seen movies re-released after they've been altered to fit a far left position. This movie is clearly inspired by a number of other previous action films. Most especially the Die Hard series. Like those movies, this film has one lowly man fighting the forces of evil. And while doing it. He is bloodied and beaten. But prevails. It's a formula we all have loved in numerous Bruce Willis films. But those films look works of Shakespeare or other great authors compared to this screenplay. It's a completely ridiculous premise. And sadly has been lauded as a great film. At best. It's a way to pass two hours if you have nothing else to do.

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Lose Rusty, 11 August 2015

Has anyone else noticed that if you have used your digital video recorder to record this show. You can run right past the the Rusty story lines. And it doesn't affect the main story line at all. And it makes watching the show easier. And it cuts down on problems in your living room. No rolling eyes. No throwing things at the screen when they leave the main story line to deal with more of Rusty's anxieties. This has been a great police procedural since 2005. Between 2005 and 2012 it was known as "The Closer" in those days. But it was, for the most

part the same cast with the exception of Kyra Sedgwick. Who left the show in 2012. The transition to "Major Crimes went pretty well. Even with losing Kyra Sedgwick. But then they decided to extend the Rusty character into the second season of "Major Crimes". All his stories do, is rob minutes from the main story line. Which gives us less "Crime". And more hand wringing. Since they don't seem interested in losing the Rusty character any time soon. My advise is. Record the show. And every time you Rusty's face come on the screen. Fast forward until he no longer on the screen. You won't have missed anything from the main story line. And will have added 8 to 10 minutes back on to your life.

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Kill Off Rusty, 11 August 2015

The Rusty Beck character has got to go. His character has become a distraction and a drain on the main story line. The silly plot lines that they are writing for this guy is robbing from the main storyline. There are only about 43 minutes of time available to get a story told. And the actual "Major Crime" part of this so called Major Crime show is suffering. They stuff old Rusty's part of the show into those 43 minutes and the stories have suffered. They still manage to get the crime done, then the bad guys are hiding, then theirs a lot of investigating that we don't get to see any of. The answers all seem to just show up in a folder. A folder that handed to Sharon in the eight minutes of the show. A folder that has all the answers to crime. This was a really good show when it was "The Closer". The closer ran from 2005 until 2012. The Closer allowed us to get to know the crew that's still a part of this show "Major Crimes". The Rusty Character was interesting in the first season. And didn't detract from the story line. Now he has nothing to do but get emotional about very contrived issues forced in story lines. Week after week. Set Rusty free so he get another "Two and a Half Men" That will give us better stories that actually might happen in a Major Crime unit.

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Who do they think they're kidding!, 11 July 2015

A police force like the one portrayed in this show would quickly lose it's effectiveness. A someone who has worked for a long time in an inner-city ER. I can saw with some authority people in these kinds of jobs don's allow themselves to become involved in what's going on around them. "It's part of the job". Once you get beyond that you gradually become less and less effective. And burn out. Everyone in the criminal justice system portray here is racked with sympathy and empathy. And who doesn't know that there is no death penalty in California. A kid the age of perpetrator would surely know that. And weather or not they would be convicted of a crime with special circumstances they would never get the death penalty. Even if the death penalty were some how reinstated. It would never be retroactive. Watching prosecutors react in such a shocked and concerned manner that a mass murderer would plead guilty is pure Hollywood. Only from the minds of Hollywood writers could something like that spring. This whole show is starting to sink into some really boring story telling. I'm starting to think Murder in the First means kill the audience first.

Keep it up Paula, 7 June 2015

Ms. Zahn continues to crank out interesting and fact filled shows covering crime in the United States. I've been watching her "On the Case" show for many years. I hate to bring this down to a base level. But Paula looks much the same as she did more then 10 year ago. It's hard to believe she's been at it that long. The episodes fly by. And because to the amount of time put into research the stories really hold your attention. The show is done in much the same way as other crime shows. Paula narrates. She interviews people in law enforcement to get the details of the investigations. She also spends time with the families, friends, suspects, and even a few perpetrators. To give us an idea how enforcement is effected by the crimes they see everyday. And how family and friends cope with what has happened to their loved ones. An excellent show with an excellent host.

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Better than Average, 24 April 2015

I would have given this a higher rating if it wasn't for all the noise. The show keeps close track of time through out the show. And there's 4 minutes and 15 seconds of game play during the show. Plus and un-timed (about two minutes) section toward the end that can go very fast as well if the teams scored well in the first two rounds. So you have maybe 6 to seven minutes of game play out of 30 minutes. Thank God they were smart enough to get Craig Ferguson to fill in the rest of the time on the show. Not only does he have to draw as much as he can out of the contestants. Some of the celebrities need some help being entertaining. Craig really makes the show. I record it so i get by some of yelling, clapping, and other loud noise. Craig is an amazingly talented ad-libber; and I look forward to his part of the show every time. It's well worth watching. Especially if you don't mind clapping and wooohoooing.

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Nothing For Raylan!?, 19 April 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Surely the only people that don't like Justified are people that have never seen it. An en excellent ending to an amazing series. The writing for this show. Right down to the end. Was well thought out and tight. Casting was another factor is character of this series. These people were able to bring their characters to life. And along with the great writing brought the characters to life. They managed to do what the Soprano's had done. Make you care about hardened criminals. Not all of them. But some. I came in on the first episode late. In that episode Raylan was sitting at a table. And he being threatened by someone. I came into the series with good feelings about Rylan since he was being played by Timothy Olyphant from "Deadwood". A wonderful performance by Mr. Olyphant. But it blew me away when he shot the man up through the table. It was startling and set the stage for what was to be a five year roller-coaster with this great show. I have mixed emotions about this final episodes. It gave me most of what I was hoping for in a finale. But what did Raylan get. I know he gets a lot of satisfaction from his job. And he gets to keep doing it in Florida where his daughter is. But I must have missed something. Because I thought he was going there not just for his daughter. But also for his wife/girlfriend. The way it looked at the end he only gets to watch from a far. I know they left dangling one possible loose end. But I don't know what I think about that. If you haven't seen any of this series yet. And for some reason you find yourself reading this review. Run right out and by this series on video. Try very hard not to watch it all in one night. You'll enjoy it more that way. Sorry I haven't said more about specifics. Talking about what appeared to happen to Raylan is all It's all the specifics I want to tell you about this episode. But I will say they don't let up one bit on the violence. A great show. I watched it one episode at a time over five years and it was great. It really gave me something to look forward too. One night a week. But I'll be watching it again sometime soon. I'm not over Harlen County!

These two are something!, 19 April 2015

As I'm watching this I realized who they reminded me of. See if you don't agree. Mink & Molly!? In all seriousness this was an entertaining episode. And the couple had everything to do with it. At one point Karla jets hit in the head with a piece of drywall. I'm sure that didn't feel good. But as someone who works as an RN in an emergency room. It was funny to hear her worrying about a concussion. Having never been hit really hard in the head. Or never seeing anyone hit hard enough to give a concussion. She had no way of knowing that she was just going to be just fine. This is a great couple though. They have a couple kids and they have a good relationship. I'm sure they're going to enjoy their newly updated kitchen for a long time to come. It turned out well. They can be proud.

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