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Embarrassing nonsense, 1 June 1999

This film requires few words of commentary. The plot is laughable, the script dismal and the acting appalling. However, as a Liverpudlian myself, I have rarely felt as embarrassed as I was by Margi Clarke's grotesque performance. She makes a laughing stock of Liverpool people. A dud without equal.

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The finest comedy show ever screened, 27 January 1999

The assembly of the collective creative juices that shaped Fawlty Towers -- John Cleese, Connie Booth and that wonderful cast -- is a television rarity in any genre. It is even rarer in the realms of situation comedy, a form that has been pretty much abused over the years to the point where the mundane is routinely lauded because it's not quite mediocre.

Anyone with any doubt that these twelve masterpieces comprise the finest television comedy of all time can simply put any one of them up against anything produced since. No contest. Not even close.