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The Montgomery Burns Story, 10 February 2008

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This movie, based on the novel 'Oil!' by Upton Sinclair, was excellent but the ending could have been better. The first 140 minutes were riveting, the final 15 minutes unraveled into a mess of psychotic actions on the part of main character, Daniel Plainview. The act of dismissing his adopted son, H.W., might have made some sense, in terms of Plainview's descent into acute alcoholism, but the senseless murder of the Preacher was silly. It really spoiled the movie. When it was finished, the crowd was speechless. The ending was so over the top.

I say the Montgomery Burns story because Plainview was a caricature, and in his mannerisms, his misanthropic ways, his unbridled greed, he seemed to be channeling Monty Burns. If the Simpsons hadn't already done a spoof of Citizen Kane, this movie would provide a good episode, with Bart as H.W., Monty Burns as Plainview, Rev. Lovejoy as Sunday, and Smithers could be Fletcher Hamilton.

The ending aside, as crazy as it was, this was a great movie. Day-Lewis deserves the Oscar for Best Actor. His character, Daniel Plainview, will become an enduring symbol of capitalism and human nature at its worst, which I am sure is how Upton Sinclair would have intended it.

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Stale Adaptation - Read the Book, Skip the Movie, 10 February 2008

I'd seen this movie before and read the novel several times, and I think it's fair to say this movie is a real stinker. Where to begin? I don't recall in the novel everyone sweating so much. Where was this filmed? In the Amazon rain forest? Everyone is sweating like they just ran sprints. What was the point of that? OK, it was hot. I get it.

Mia Farrow was simply dreadful in the role of Daisy Buchanan. Her southern accent was ridiculous and simply not believable. Her shrieking and over-acting was an embarrassment. It was so bad it was almost funny. Why on earth would Gatsby be obsessing over such a twit as this?

Redford wasn't very good either. Compared to Mia Farrow's performance, he seemed like Lawrence Olivier. Still, his 'old sport' lines seemed forced and the overall effect seemed shallow. Redford failed to capture any of the personality or mysterious nature of Gatsby that came through in the novel.

The film closed with a seemingly inappropriate rendition of "We're in the Money", hardly fitting with the mournful ending. Fitzgerald's moving closing lines to the novel "So we beat on, boats against the current..." to the story were dropped, replaced with something else far less poignant.

It's hard to believe that Coppola directed "The Godfather" and this movie. "The Godfather" is perfect while "The Great Gatsby" has flaws throughout. The difference is mainly in the acting. Brando, Pacino, Duvall& the rest of the cast in "The Godfather" were perfect. Farrow & Redford were awful.

This movie was a real dog. Read the book, skip the movie (at least this one).

I think with the right cast & direction this could be a good, or even a great movie. Maybe they'll do it right someday.

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This movie was an absolute scream!, 21 April 2006

This movie was an absolute scream. I saw it while in vacation in San Juan, PR at the Plaza de las Americas movieplex. The theatre was packed, which I took as a good sign, since the movie is in its second week of release. My instincts turned out correct. This movie was one hilarious bit after the next, and I don't think I ever stopped laughing, in fact, I'm still laughing. The funniest bit was at the end when the hero (Craig Bierko as Tom Ryan)was on Oprah and did a hysterical impersonation of Tom Cruise. Ana Faris was also very good, as always. There was an endless array of cameo appearances, all excellent and very funny.

The audience loved it every bit as much as I did. The whole place was rolling in the aisles. Great movie with great comic acting. My only question is how this movie only received a 5.6 on IMDb. How is that? In my opinion, it definitely earned a 10. What more can you ask from a movie than to laugh non-stop for nearly two hours?

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Inspirational and moving account of American POWs, 17 August 2005

Critics had carped about the dialog and pacing of this movie but I think they were wrong. This was a faithful adaptation of the book 'Ghost Soldiers', with first rate acting and outstanding action sequences. When the movie ended, original news reel footage was run with the actual POW survivors while the credits rolled. Nobody left the theater until this had ended. I liked it better than 'Saving Private Ryan'. A true story about true heroes, unlike so many Hollywood produced war movies that are written to please focus groups. I would recommend this movie to anyone with an interest in American history as it is accurately and movingly portrayed on film.

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