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Not nearly as bad as legend has it., 4 August 2000

Okay, once you get past the fact that Mitchell and Petrillo are Dean and Jerry knockoffs, you could do worse than this film. Charlita as Princess Nona is great eye candy, Lugosi does his best with the material he's given, and the production values, music especially (except for the vocals) are better than you'd think for the $50k cost of production. The final glimpses of the characters are a hoot. Written by Tim Ryan, a minor actor in late Charlie Chan films, and husband of Grannie on the Beverly Hillbillies. All in all, WAY better than many late Lugosi cheapies.

The Lost City (1935/I)
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Either a hoot or a horror, depending on your mindset, 4 August 2000

Okay, I've seen this thing twice. As a kid, it was totally insane, or at least that's what the grownups kept telling me. Seen through adult eyes, it's a little different. As a serial, it's floating on the muck at the bottom of the barrel. Campy, hammy performances, especially "Stage" Boyd as the maniac ruler, and Claudia Dell, who cringes and flutters like Glinda the Good Witch on crack. Kane Richmond tries hard. But there are points of interest. George Hayes does a fair job of acting before he turned sidekick and was dubbed Gabby. Special effects are pretty good for the time. With a few beers and friends, this could be a fine party tape.

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Okay but not great serial., 3 August 2000

Not to be taken at one sitting. Spread out over a week or two it is much easier to get involved. Some good characters, plot that is not too nonsensical. Head bad guy Watkin went on to be Perry White in the Superman serials. Keye Luke affects an oriental accent he didn't have. Comic highlight (unintentional) is Ferronti, the gangster in the last couple of chapters, who is a walking greasy cliche. All in all, fair Universal product. Don't pay more than ten bucks for it, tho...

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Interesting mostly to Flynn fans, okay otherwise., 5 April 2000

Almost the Holy Grail for Flynn fans, this movie's virtually impossible to find. A routine costumer in most respects, it is notable to Flynn enthusiasts because, for once, he seems to be having a good time, with occasional flashes of the famous Flynn charm shining through, a rarity in his later pictures. Dubbed, sometimes badly, but good costumes and sets, and Gina and several other ladies are lovely to look at.

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Okay serial, more plot and characters than usual., 1 December 1999

Okay Universal serial is interesting for casting, such as "slow burn" 2nd banana Edgar Kennedy as the sidekick, Milburn Stone (Doc on Gunsmoke) as the action lead, and dependable Nazi Martin Kosleck as one of the baddies. Anthony Warde is his usual menacing self, and Marjorie Weaver is lovely, as is the uncredited blonde secretary. An abundance of stock footage and cheezy special effects, but hey---you've gotta suspend your disbelief for most serials anyway. Just the thing for a long winter evening.

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Okay time killer., 22 November 1999

Republic's serial division was running out of steam about the time they made this one. Of interest, as always, is Roy Barcroft as the action heavy...another good, solid performance. Stan Jolley is a suitably oily villain, and heroine Judy Clark actually gets to fire a gun at a critical moment. The poor saloon gets wrecked every other chapter, and the hero is as memorable as last year's breakfast, but there actually is a plot, and most of the cliffhanger endings are good, if reused from other serials. Good deal if at a good sale price...

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Top-notch serial action, 23 September 1999

One of Republic's best serials, and that says a lot. Great cliffhanger endings, top drawer stuntwork from David Sharpe, decent acting, and a really malevolent villain all add up to a great time for all. Also great to see the bad guy get top billing. This is what a serial was all about, folks.

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Best sleep inducer since melatonin., 10 September 1999

Lord, what a stinkeroo. I haven't seen it through at one sitting yet, because I keep dropping into a confused doze. It was obviously redone as a Son of Hercules film to add to that series when it was shopped to TV in the 60s, because when Son talks to Daddy, Herc is now on Olympus tossing thunderbolts. One great line, tho---When Son tells Dad he wants to forfeit his immortality for love of a mortal, Dad says fine---"You will be a mortal FOREVER!" MST3K should've grabbed this turkey.

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Interesting early talkie, movie in murder studio., 5 August 1999

Not bad little cheapie, an early talkie about a murder in a movie studio. Enough clues to go on, some good red herrings, and only a couple of holes in the plot. Of course, to film buffs, Lugosi is the main attraction, but his part is small and his accent distracts. Interesting peeks at working movie company in the 30s.

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Laughably inept in every way, but Lugosi's okay., 2 August 1999

Norm thinks more of this turkey than I do. I found it inept in plotting, dialog, direction---well, everything. Lugosi tries, but the deck's stacked against him. Watch as Zucco takes the dead girl's pulse, lets go of her hand, and it hangs there for a second before dropping to the floor. Lines get flubbed but they go on anyway. Hear the corpse stick her two cents in periodically, while the same spooky chord plays every time. Okay, I've seen it, but the next time I watch it I'll have some liquored up friends over for some solid laughs.

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