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Delightfully poignant tale of intended and unintended generosity., 20 December 1999

"A Christmas Accident" is truly an effective take on Dickens' Christmas Carol. No dead spirits here, just a tale of two families living side by side in a duplex. One an old disagreeable skinflint whose well-meaning wife must endure his tirades. The other a young couple with five small children struggling to make ends meet. Despite the old man's nasty accusatory ways the young children and couple make numerous friendly overtures. Their reward is to be accused of stealing his food and poisoning his dog.

In the end, we are treated to a special Christmas made all the more so by a Christmas accident.

I watched this Dec. 19th on AMC's Silent Sunday presentation of nine silent shorts with Christmas themes. I am not sure when it will be shown again, but it is worth viewing-if you don't mind crying that is.

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Three Stooges detectives take on murderers and "The Goon.", 9 December 1998

One of the very best Three Stooges shorts ever. A spooky house full of evil guys and "The Goon" challenge the Alert Detective Agency's best men. Shemp is in top form in the famous in-the-dark scene. Emil Sitka provides excellent support in his Mr. Goodrich role, as the target of a murder plot. Before it's over, Shemp's "trusty little shovel" is employed to great effect. This 16 minute gem moves about as fast as any Stooge's short and packs twice the wallop. Highly recommended.

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Stooges Western, Starring Shemp in his only Three Stooges feature film., 9 December 1998

The Three Stooges save the day when the gold must go through in this amusing Western that will tickle the funny bone of any Three Stooges fan. Clem Bevans is hilarious as an old man with a few problems of his own. The film would have gained more had the Stooges been given a larger role. Director Ed Bernds was given a tiny budget and about one week to knock this picture out. Nevertheless, worth the price of admission for the Stooge in you.