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Easy For Me To Love, 22 December 2003

Sure it was cheesy and took itself too seriously, but I find it very easy to love, nonetheless, and it holds a special place among my favorite shows.It isn't high quality in the way my other favorites are, but there is still something very special about it, and it's the natural followup to "A Very Brady Christmas". Leah Ayres did a fine job as the replacement Marcia, and the rest of the cast got a chance to show that they truly were talented dramatic actors all along. I can't help but love this show.

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Still Love It!, 22 December 2003

I haven't seen it in a couple of years, but I still love it. Cheesy and shmaltzy, yes, but I have always loved the post "Bunch" stuff. (This and "The Bradys".) Good job by Jennifer Runyon filling in for Susan Olsen. Still the very, very best reunion movie of all time.

"Everwood" (2002)
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"Everwood" Has Become My Second Favorite Show Of All Time, 10 October 2003

As the second season of "Everwood" has gotten underway, I have moved this show up in my ranking-it has now become my second favorite show of all time behind "Once and Again". Although "Once and Again" was a superb, one of a kind show, "Everwood" possesses many stylistic and thematic similarities to the prior show. It also boasts excellent acting from its adult as well as teenage cast. "Everwood"'s two core families-the Browns and the Abbotts-are written as real people with strengths and weaknesses, and played by talented actors who bring these characters to life. Greg Berlanti has proven with this show that he has the ability to make a contemporary family drama that can be popular as well as real. "Everwood" is definitely my second favorite show of all time.

A Real Winner!, 14 August 2003

Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan are both wonderful in this warm, witty romp that is not only one of the summer's most pleasant surprises, but is also one of the most truly engaging and funny films of the year. This film is better by far than either of the previous two versions. A real winner and one that the whole family will enjoy!

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Without Question My Very Favorite Show of All Time, 1 August 2003

"Once and Again" is without question my very favorite show of all time. One of the show's greatest strengths is the writing. The writing is wonderfully crisp and natural and actually sounds like people talking for a change. It examines daily life in a very intricate, exquisite, and truthful way. The second greatest strength is its acting. I don't know if there has ever been a television ensemble this good. From Sela Ward's self absorbed and yet lovable Lily to Billy Campbell's conflicted Rick to Jeffrey Nordling's perpetual screwup Jake to Susanna Thompson's uptight but loving Karen to Marin Hinkle's resilient romantic Judy, all of the adults in the cast put in consistently stellar performances.

But perhaps the show's finest performances came from its younger actors. Julia Whelan was perfect as whiny teenager Grace,awkwardly trying to survive the hell of being an adolescent. Shane West touched our hearts as Eli, never quite sure of his place in the world, and Evan Rachel Wood lit up the screen as Jessie,blossoming in front of our eyes from a shy, insecure child to a beautiful, more confident young woman. All three of these young people have the potential to be stars someday soon.

"Once and Again" is a gem of a show that was never truly given the recognition it deserved. Nevertheless, it's a show that has touched my heart. I can't imagine television being any better than this.

"Everwood" (2002)
The Best Show On Television Right Now-If you miss "Once and Again"..., 17 June 2003

After the untimely demise of my precious "Once and Again", I was hoping to find another show that could capture those intricate, complex human relationships with the same sense of maturity and honesty that "Once and Again" did. When I finally discovered "Everwood" about midseason, I knew I had found that show.

"Everwood" is a brilliantly written show filled with wonderful performances from a capable ensemble cast. Treat Williams has the role of a lifetime as Dr. Andrew Brown and the teenage cast-Gregory Smith, Emily Vancamp, Chris Pratt, and Mike Erwin are natural talents just like "Once"'s Shane West, Julia Whelan, and Evan Rachel Wood. The storylines are intriguing and the writing is filled with real emotion. Despite what others may say, the show is not sappy.If you want sappy,watch "7th Heaven".If you want a drama with beautiful writing and acting and the best ensemble on television, watch "Everwood".

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Beautiful,Touching, and Honest-My Second Favorite Show Of All Time, 3 June 2003

I'll be short and sweet. "Touched By An Angel" is a beautifully written, wonderfully acted, and fascinating to watch show. There are no "bad" episodes. The show received a very successful and very deserved nine year run.

I have made errors in judging in the past about the quality of various shows, but of this I am certain. "Touched By An Angel" is my second favorite show of all time. (Second only to the beautiful, short-lived "Once and Again".)God has truly inspired everyone involved with this show. May God bless them all!

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An Underrated Gem, 30 May 2003

I have always found this film an enjoyable and fun movie that uses satire to deliver some profound insights into modern American blended families. The film focuses on Laura Chartoff (Hillary Wolf), a delightfully sarcastic and self aware preteen and her dysfunctional family. Laura hates the family situation she has been forced into, but also finds she doesn't know how to convey this to either of her divorced parents, self absorbed and materialistic Melinda (Margaret Whitton) and well meaning but inarticulate David (Griffin Dunne).

After a particularly nasty fight with her mom and stepdad,Keith(David Strathairn) Laura runs away with her stepbrother Josh (Dan Futterman),who is estranged from the family. Soon all of Laura's family arrive at the lake house where she and Josh have been staying, and she takes off again, believing Josh has betrayed her trust.

In the days that follow, Laura will discover some fundamental truths about family as she makes her way alone in the world. Meanwhile,back at the lake, Laura's various family members-parents, stepparents,and siblings all come to realizations about their relationships that are alternately funny, touching, and poignant.

This is truly a great film which few people even know about-an underrated gem. Filled with vibrant performances-especially by the wonderful Dan Futterman, by Patricia Kalembar as Laura's beloved stepmother, Barbara, and by a pre-"Boy Meets World" Ben Savage as Laura's know-it-all half brother, Sam. Do yourself a favor and watch this movie. You won't be disappointed.

Parenthood (1989)
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Quite Possibly My Very Favorite Movie Of All Time, 12 May 2003

Parenthood is possibly my favorite movie of all time. Everyone of the actors in the film are in top form-especially Dianne Wiest, who was nominated for(and should have won)the Oscar. Brilliant, funny, touching,and heartbreaking film that is highly underrated. It deserved best picture of 1989!

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Deserved Every Award It Got-But MTM Was Robbed!, 4 March 2003

"Ordinary People" is an extraordinary film. It completly deserved all its awards. Even though it is not a happy movie, it is a life affirming one. Timothy Hutton deserved his Oscar as tortured teenager, Conrad Jarrett. He might just be the very best of the best supporting actors. Donald Sutherland was completly snubbed by the academy, which was a real shame. His confused father, Calvin Jarrett, is probably his most nuanced and heartfelt performance.

But the real Oscar tragedy was the loss of Mary Tyler Moore to Sissy Spacek for best actress. Moore deserved that trophy. Her emotionally crippled mother, Beth Jarrett, the organized, efficient epitome of suburban perfection, shocked moviegoers everywhere with her uncompromising performance. Although the film is built around Hutton's character,any discussion of the film will quickly go to Moore and her performance. Spacek may have been playing a real person,but Moore was playing a complicated, often nasty character, and she did so with unflinching bravery. The award should have been hers. One of the biggest mistakes in Oscar history, as far as I'm concerned.

Using Canon in D as background music was a brilliant idea, as well. All the elements come together to make "Ordinary People" one of the finest films of all time. Definitly on my top five favorite movies of all time list.

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