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Awesome Show! VERY Addictive!
30 December 2006
This show is VERY exciting! They have some very simple looking puzzles and the object is to call in the answer into the show. You can either call in or do it free by way of the internet. I have been successful at actually talking to the host many times. The answer is NOT what you would normally think most of the time. These puzzles will frustrate you and really make you think sometimes. It's a lot of fun. The hosts and hostesses are really great folks. I'd love to see a show like this in the States. Thankfully, I'm stationed in England and loving it! The only reason why this show doesn't get a 10 is because the puzzles have driven me crazy at times. Hopefully soon enough I'll win some money. Prize money is anywhere from approximately 500 pounds to 60,000 pounds. If I win any money I'll be sure to mention it on here. Happy viewing!
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The Perfect Christmas Tradition
30 December 2006
There's a number of awesome annual traditional Christmas movies out there. As much as I love Christmas Vacation, Miracle On 34th Street, and A Christmas Story, my personal favorite movie is It's A Wonderful Life. This movie was perfectly acted by Jimmy Stewart. He did a wicked awesome job! In fact, the entire cast was phenomenal! Henry Travers was simply quite funny and grabbed my attention as the lovable guardian angel, Clarence. I certainly wouldn't mind having a guardian angel like him. Lionel Barrymore did a super job as "The Grinch" of Bedford Falls. The movie is exactly as it's titled, WONDERFUL! I'm already looking forward to watching it again next year. I leave my 50th Anniversary Collector's Set alone and in mint condition.
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Corrections To My Comments From August 29, 2002
6 August 2004
I found out that Prudence Kent not King as I wrote 2 years ago was actually played by Constance Allen and not a lady named Betty DeSalle. I don't remember where I found the name Betty DeSalle and I can't find it now. I just wanted to make sure that I had accurate info as I don't want to mislead others. I will have to watch this quality movie again and see if there's anything else I can add later. I bought this movie a couple of years ago in the 4 DVD boxed set Sex And Buttered Popcorn. If you enjoy rare movies of this nature then this boxed set is for you. It's filled with tons of info on many "racy" movies and includes interviews with exploiteers David F. Friedman and Dan Sonney. To me it's a must have for any fan.
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Independent Filmmaking At Its Finest
3 August 2004
If you've seen the remake of Gone In 60 Seconds (not a bad movie either) then you must see this outstanding original. Unfortunately, a movie nowadays could never be done like this. H.B. "Toby" Halicki had a dream and he certainly accomplished it here. He must have had more connections than the Gotti Family. It's good to have connections. You take care of people and they take care of you. Toby certainly took care of people and was given the freedom to make this high octane movie the way he wanted to. He had a magnificent collection of cars, among many other items, and used them all in this movie. He bought cars simply to destroy in the movie. He did his own amazing stunt driving, produced, directed, and everything in this movie. Though no one was a professional actor everyone performed well. This isn't an oscar-winning movie, but it's certainly amazing to see what had to be done to make this movie happen. I think this movie is slowly starting to become a cult classic. I can find it in any store nowadays, along with his other few great movies. If you're a fan of the car chase, you'll love this movie for the realism of the impressive 40 minute car chase at the end of the movie. It is AWESOME! Best thing since Bullitt with Steve McQueen. It's great considering you didn't have the special effects. Enjoy the movie! It's a must see!
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Another good, old exploitation film! Worth watching!
1 September 2002
I thought this was truly a unique movie considering it was filmed in 1934, when subject matter of this type was definitely a no-no. The film is about an innocent girl, Ann Dixon, who hangs out with her friend, Eve Monroe. They get boyfriends and start drinking and smoking. Ann breaks it off with her boyfriend and hooks up with a low-life older guy. They get busted at a topless/half-naked pool party and Eve comes up positive for a venerial disease of some type. Ann is negative but the film doesn't specifically tell you that she has become pregnant. Her low-life boyfriend takes her to the doctor for an abortion. I can't tell you the rest without ruining the movie so watch it for yourself. You shouldn't be disappointed if you like the off-the-wall types of rarer movies like I do. Enjoy the movie and look for other types such as this one.
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Unique and Historical Film. Worth Watching.
29 August 2002
I've watched this movie twice now since it's pretty short and I wanted to write a decent review. I believe that this is the first feature film to ever be made at a nudist colony. Basically the plot is that a reporter is writing an article about a nudist colony. He's convinced by the man who runs the colony, Dr. King, and his beautiful secretary, Miss Prudence King (portrayed by Betty DeSalle) to experiences the pleasures of being nude. The film basically proves that nudists live just as ordinary people, with one obvious exception. The film is almost documentary like and I'm still not sure if it is or not. I don't think so, but it sure seems like it is. I feel that this film was made to prove that being a nudist is not a bad thing at all. In fact, the people seemed very happy and at peace. I enjoyed the film for more than just the nudity. I appreciate the efforts of someone actually making a movie on this type of subject way back in 1934. Nowadays this is nothing but back then, WOW! A cult classic definitely worth watching!
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The Twilight Zone (1959–1964)
1 October 1998
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