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Cut (2000/I)
Could have been better, but it's still a fun movie., 1 March 2000

Cut opened today in Australia and I went to see it after waiting ages for it to be released.

After the movie finished, I was a little disappointed but now when I think about it, it actually was a good movie. I thought it wasn't as good as Scream but way better than Scream 2, Scream 2 had very little blood or violence which made it very weak but Cut is amazing ecause it gets away with displaying so much blood. It takes a while for the movie to get into the action, but when it does that's when it starts to get interesting. Australian horror movies usually aren't very good (anyone remember Body Melt and Out of The Body?) but Cut is very enjoyable.

Even though the story doesn't make a lot of sense when all is revealed and the ending stinks, Cut is a lot of fun when it comes to the death scenes (which is what people are going to see this for anyway) they are very creative and gross and very hilarious.

When Cut comes to threatres near you, go see it. It won't make much sense, but it will be fun.

Cut doesn't restrain the blood, it's not disturbing, it's intended to be funny, and it is.

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The worst movie I have ever seen., 5 January 2000

You read the summary correctly. This movie is worse than Plan 9 From Outer Space, Halloween 6 or (dare I say it) Leonard Part 6. Never again will I subject myself to such torture. This movie really p***ed me off. The little b*****d does unholy things to adults and gets away with it. He nearly kills Mr Wilson on several occasions and is forgiven for all of them. He ruins what must be hundreds of dollars worth of catered food and is forgiven. He causes Mr Wilson to miss an event which he has waited 40 years for. And when he goes missing, I really hoped that Switchblade Sam would take him away forever. But no, John Hughes once again lets loose with the "Home Alone" style violence and we're supposed to laugh. I didn't. This movie is the worst influence on children. Dennis carries around an illegal weapon and nearly kills people when he uses it. The violence level is very high for a kiddie movie. Warner Bros. Family Entertainment? I don't think so. I rather spend my time watching the horror version, "Mikey", it's much more violent, but not nearly as disturbing.

Neighbors (1981)
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Bizarre black comedy, 20 December 1999

It's about 3:30 in the morning and I just finished watching Neighbors on TV. I've seen a lot of black comedy movies in my life but none of them have been stranger than this. It wasn't really funny but i did laugh at the following conversation.

ENID: Well Ramona, maybe you're man enough to tell us what happened outside.

RAMONA: He tried to pork me.

Maybe that doesn't seem funny to you but it was to me.

Throughout the whole movie I didn't understand what the hell was going on and why characters did the things they did, especially at the end of it. I can't really recommend Neighbors but I must say I was entertained the whole way through, waiting for the next absurd event.

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About 10 times better the second time around, 11 December 1999

Yet again, a Dario Argento film that is absolutely horrible the first time, but somehow fantastic the second time you watch it. This phantom is pretty much different from the 1989 effort,starring Robert Englund, that also aimed for gory shocks and mayhem....and failed miserably. Argento's version is much better, never taking itself too seriously and telling a romantic tale that you actually care about. Julian Sands is good as the Phantom, when he learns that his lover Christine loves someone else, he listens to them kiss and he starts to sob, his acting is so good that it almost breaks your heart. Asia Argento is also a nice actress, I didn't care for her much in Trauma (and I've yet to see The Stendhal Syndrome) but her acting here has improved, she is a talented and beautiful actress. Now back to the movie itself, it's the best adaptation I've seen of the story yet, it is violent, but not too much. There's also a great sense of humour. "You will not play in Romeo and Juliet. If you defy me, I will hurt you. Do you understand me you fat cow?"

"How dare you-a speak-a to-a me-a like-a that!"(Italian accent)

The movie is really a lot of fun and I think I have a crush on Kitty Keri, but it's too bad she has her tongue ripped out.

Great fun, if you don't take it seriously., 4 December 1999

I took a break from my heavy schedule of horror movies to watch this and I must say, I am impressed. Never Been Kissed is the ultimate fantasy comedy. I wish that I had sat up and paid attenion to the trailer when I went to the cinema, then there might have hope that I would have gone to see it. But I didn't, and I really regret it. Not only does this work as a hilarious comedy (Loser printed on the forehead made almost wet myself) but also as a romantic bit of fluff. Of course, the romance here is totally unbelieveable, as is the plot, but for a reason it works. And what is that reason? DREW BARRYMORE!!! One smile from her in this movie and my heart turns to butter! On top of that, she gives what I think is the best performance of her career. She makes us feel extreme sympathy for poor Josie, and she is able to change from being happy and full of smiles to a bubbling, sobbing wreck with a snap of her fingers. The one major drawback, she's way too hot to be accepted as being a nerdy outcast. If I was at her school, I wouldn't be able to contain myself from sticking my tongue down her throat. All in all, I recommend this to everyone.


PG Sexual References, Drug References, Low Level Course Language.

Okay for everyone. Sex is hardly mentioned, language is infrequent and drugs...."This lovely chocolate cake has a little Vitamin A, Vitamin B, some Vitamins THC..." thats about as far as it goes.

Mac and Me (1988)
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A bunch of unknown people starring in....."Product Placement!", 4 December 1999

I watched Mac and Me about 5 years ago on a bus trip, during a long and tedious bus ride, this movie seemed to make the trip go faster. It was genuinely fun to watch. Now as I revisit it, I realise with great horror that this movie was funded by McDonald's and The Coca Cola Company. The fact that it cashes in on the E.T phenomenon even makes it worse. That great big dance sequence in the McDonald's restaurant is utterly ridiculous and an alien sipping Coke and recovering from near starvation? That's ludicrous!


PG (No consumer advice provided at time of release)

Yeah, it's great fun for the kiddies, but older people can spot it's evil plan to make people buy things. Honestly, I think it should be banned. Such product placement can't be legal.

Inferno (1980)
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Argento can do no wrong (well, not yet anyway), 18 November 1999

There's this strange thing going on with me and Dario Argento's films. Especially with Inferno. I waited two months for my copy of Inferno and then I watched it, waiting to be thrilled. But during Inferno, something happened. I thought to myself, "Why am I watching this? It's not even good!" I finished watching it and put the tape away throughly disappointed. Then, two days later, I was bored and I decided to watch it again. This time, it seemed ten times better, all the pieces fell into place like a giant puzzle and I understood the whole movie. Exactly the same thing happened when I was watching Tenebrae. The thing with Argento movies is that you have to watch the all twice or maybe three times, and pick up on little details that you missed before. That's what I love about his movies. It strange that all the movies of his that everyone hates (Trauma, Opera) are the ones that are so easy to understand, without need for another viewing. But I love all his movies. Argento is right at the top of my favorite directors list.


Well, honestly I don't know. Must be an R rating due to violence and stuff. I watching the UK version with all the animal cruelty cut out. But I don't mind, seeing that sort of stuff isn't my cup of tea.

Ticks (1993)
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Good creepy fun on a low budget (contains spoilers), 16 November 1999

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you love to watch horror movies, you must watch Ticks. This really is such a fun movie to watch, the acting is a bit off, mainly Ami Dolenz's whose only notable performance was in the dire comedy "She's Out Of Control" which was mainly a star vehicle for Tony Danza. It doesn't take much to work out what the plot for this movie is, it's just big mutated ticks running around and killing people. I watched this movie with some girls who love Seth Green, and they were absolutely mortified. I guess it just wasn't their kind of movie. But the real icing on the cake is in the films climax, where a gigantic tick rips itself out of Alfonso Ribero and splits his head in two in the process. Take that Carlton!


M15+ Medium Level Course Language and Violence

Gruesome, violent, and gory. The censors must have been asleep while classifing this one.

Hell Night (1981)
A good movie., 9 November 1999

I LOVE LINDA BLAIR!! And who can blame me? She is one of the nicest looking people in films. Sure, she made a lot of bad movies (I'm talking about Bad Blood here) and even worse ones (Savage Streets, The Exorcist II) but however bad the film she's in, she takes it to a higher level. She improves the movie itself. And Hell Night is no exception. Without her, I suppose the movie would be okay, nothing to wet your pants over, but because she's in it, it turns Hell Night into a must-see event! I'm not going to talk about the story because I'm sure the concept was devised in about two minutes, but the thing that makes Hell Night stand out is that it's actually scary, everything that a horror movie should be. And it's also very interesting, for once I didn't look forward to the next stabbing or decapitation but I found myself actually interested in their conversations! As for the death scenes, there's little violence and that's fine with me, it makes the film more acceptable for the faint hearted and gives the film what it deserves, a bigger audience. As for that idiot Leonard Maltin, he wasn't complaining about the lack of nudity and violence in Halloween, was he? Get a life, Leonard. The one problem with it is that some scenes are just too dark, but it doesn't help when I watch a 1982 videotape. I guess that this problem has been fixed on the DVD edition, something that I intend to buy. Finally, for once the killer (and I'm not spoiling anything here, you know it's going to happen) dies an original way. A great ending to a great movie.



Released when I don't even think they had classification here (the R rating on the cover was a sticker) this film is hardly violent, no sex, no nudity, and I don't think there was any bad language, this could easily get away with an M rating.

Without a doubt, the best film of 1999, 27 October 1999

In our modern times, most movies rely heavily on computer generated effects to create images that are impossible to film. I don't know about you, but I have always found computer effects to look really fake on film. You can go through a whole movie and pick out what's computer and what's not. I really hate it. But The Sixth Sense, as I recall has possibly only one computer effect and everything else is make-up. I really liked this movie, it is a little slow moving at times, I was expecting a big budget thrill ride, but I got something out of that was so much better: I found myself concentrating on the dialogue and story, rather than thrills. It takes a really interesting story and interesting characters to make a classic movie, and I feel that The Sixth Sense has both of these. It's one of those movies at the end where you think, "I really should've seen that last twist coming a mile away." I couldn't see the outcome, as the story could have gone in so many different directions. So if you haven't seen this masterpiece yet, get up and go now! You may find yourself sheding a tear or two at the end. Willis, Collette and Osment seriously need Oscars next year for their impressive work.


M15+ Medium Level Violence, Supernatural Themes.

There are a lot of those supernatural themes in there, but violence, not really, just a little bit of blood.

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