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Too much..., 26 June 1999

Overall, this movie was interesting. However, the romance should have been left out. Can Hollywood possibly make a movie today that doesn't have a romance involved?? And the last scene was just terrible. It was one of the worst scenes I've ever seen in a movie, and an awful way to end an otherwise decent movie. What were they thinking when they put that in there???

The '60s (1999) (TV)
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Poor ending to an otherwise decent TV-movie, 11 February 1999

This movie started slowly, then gained momentum towards the middle. However, the fact that the movie ran over two nights broke that momentum at its peak. The second part really got interesting, but then gave way to a simply pathetic ending. Playing football in the yard? Really, could it get any more sappy and maudlin? Now I hear plans for a similar movie based on the '70s. I won't make any great efforts to tune into that one if it's anything like "The '60s."

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Catch the reruns, 14 January 1999

If you have Comedy Central, you're in luck. They show reruns of Saturday Night Live all the time. So whatever era you like the best, you'll probably be able to find it. The website will be able to tell you when certain episodes will be on, they usually go chronologically then start over.

Contact (1997)
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Good, but a familiar ending, 26 December 1998

Overall I really enjoyed this film. It evoked many questions and made people who were paying attention to the movie face their beliefs on God, science, and the possibility of alien life. The acting was wonderful for the most part. Despite a few corny, predictable moments, the movie was very enjoyable. However, did the ending remind anyone else of "Flight of the Navigator" (1986)? The protagonist makes contact with an alien and returns to earth and wonders if the trip actually existed, but then a small but significant piece of evidence proves the trip. It may be a stretch, but I think it's a pretty valid connection.

Oliver Twist (1997) (TV)
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Worse on TV, 19 December 1998

I was lucky enough to see an advance copy of this movie through a teacher who was friends with the director and was told that the TV version was worse than the original copy of the movie. Although I missed the TV showing, I was told by the teacher that many of the best parts were cut out, making the film much worse. Mind you, it wasn't a classic to begin with, but it was better than what most people saw.

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Broke the mold, 3 November 1998

This movie was really beautiful. In the beginning, Catherine was annoying in her passiveness, but developed into a strong character. Morris was a perfectly deceptive manipulater who left the audience wondering about his true intentions for most of the movie. But what was even better about this movie was the storyline because it broke the mold of Hollywood movies at the time. It had a strong female character as the lead who really thought about how she controlled people by the end and left the ending in a sad manner. As she climbed the stairs in the final scene, darkness was around her and she still had many more "stairs" to climb in life. The ending shows the power of a woman who would end up leading a lonely life. This movie really left the audience thinking about this woman's life and sympathizing with her situation in life.