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This is superb Hong Kong action stuff !!!, 21 December 1999

Wow, this movie just blew me away !!! I am a fan of the John Woo type of action movies and I must say that even he was just one of the executive producers, his mark is all over this movie!!!

The result is very good : Nicely paced action sequences, more story and emotions than in your average Hong Kong action movie (But not as much story development as in an American production, but in this genre this just isn't needed that much, it would just slow down the pace), well acted , you kinda start feeling sympathetic for the leads and you'll certainly hate these villains. This is a thrill ride from beginning till the end. And this is where I have my only point of criticism : The movie is way to short !!! 80 minutes and the credits start to roll!!! You'll almost start to beg for more... I'll best describe this movie as a cross between "Face-Off" and "The professional" from director Luc Besson. A must-see for every action movie lover.

Demons (1985)
A gory and cool zombie movie., 22 November 1998

I rented this movie with the thought in mind that it would probably be an extremely bad movie. But what a surprise it was, I really liked the movie!!! The story is quite scary and entertaining, especially when you see this one in a theatre. It even made me curious to other Italian Horror productions like the ones of Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci. The characters in the movie are going to a theatre where they show a movie about demons taking over the world. At a certain moment the demons of the movie get into the theatre and turn the spectators into drooling, flesh-eating zombies. I won't tell you how the demons get there because that would spoil the fun. I saw the uncut version and it contained some top-notch gore (a gremlin-like creature bursts out of a woman's back, a zombie rips someones throat open...) So hardcore-horror fans, this is a must-see!!! Actually I like zombie movies a lot. Especially the ones made by George A. Romero (the living dead trilogy) and Sam Raimi (the evil dead trilogy). This movie has a lot of resemblances with "The Evil Dead" but that made the movie only better. It had some plot flaws though, for example: where did the helicopter which crashes through the theatre ceiling come from? And how did it crash in the first place? These questions will never be answered during the movie. The worst thing about this movie was the way-too-open ending and the dubbing for the American version. The make-up and special-effects were acceptable. It is also far superior than the sequel. This movie belongs to the better zombie movies I've seen. Believe it or not...